Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Fitness Challenge

What is a Family Fitness Challenge  you ask? Well our school districts have ALWAYS done some type of fitness/wellness challenge for the employees but this year they aren’t in my school. So Heather has come up with the idea to do her fitness challenge that her school is doing and include the family in it.

FF Challenge

She created workout/food logs for all of us and teamed all of us up. It is for 5 weeks and it really matched right up with some of my 30 before 30 goals!

The first thing is we get 1point for every minute of exercise we do a day outside of our work day. So that is pushing me more to hit the gym in addition to my runs! I am starting off on the right foot with hitting the gym Monday morning.

The second part is 1point for every serving of fruit or vegetable you have in the day. I went to the store at 8am this morning and loaded up on fruit and some veggies.

                                         photo (13)

This was a goal of mine to have fresh fruits/veggies in the house each week! The clementine's are delicious!!

The pair ups go as follows for the challenge!

Amanda and Richie (Heathers husband)

Adam (Manda’s husband) and Dad

Me and Mom

Heather and Robyn

Ella (the helpful baby!) Her fruit/veggie and exercise points will be added to a group each week!

Here’s to another goal of completing a workout DVD too!!!


QOTD: Have you participated in a fitness challenge? Biggest Loser, 10 in 10?

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