Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back in the day.....

Do you remember when you were in Elementary School and the whole school had mid year assessments. The reading teachers would come around and check everyone. Well starting yesterday until the 20th that is what I will be doing. I had maybe 10mins to eat and not do anything yesterday. Any other min of the day I was either assessing or scoring.  I was so tired that I bought Arby's for dinner instead of cooking. By 8pm I was in my bed with my book. I did not get on the TM because I had eaten 2 roast beef sandwiches and tater tots that I threw in the oven. I may have also had a piece of cake. BUT I WAS STARVING!!

Today I kind of luck out. Myself and another reading teacher have a training so we can not help out with the assessments. But the training isn't anything fun either. It is on the Interactive White Board but it is ALL lecture which I zone out and get online instead.

I have set up a gym date with Heather today and plan on getting in a nice long workout. Bri was called in for jury duty this afternoon (after he worked all night long!) so I will come home get dinner for him and he will fall right to sleep around 6pm I am sure.

QOTD: Do you remember the Title I or Reading teachers testing? I do because I always qualified due to speech which eventually was solved with a retainer getting my teeth where they needed to be. Yea yea embarrassing fact.  

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turnerlifearound said...

I don't remember it during school too much but I certainly can relate now! I did title 1 last year and the amount of assessments and testing is ridiiiiiculous! I feel your pain!