Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tid Bits

Is it Thursday already? Is it almost the end of January already?? What in the world!!! I can not believe how fast this year is going. Everyday there is new drama but why wouldn't there be? 

Anyways...tid bits

1. I have set aside my fear of meat heads and I go to the free weights all the time now to lift at the gym. I used to hate how they hog machines back there but now I go get my 5 things done and get out. Cons...I only know of 5 things to do. I watch the other ladies that go back there for ideas. Any free weight suggestions...I want to get rid of my jiggle in my arms!

2. I have only ran once this week. I am not writing why I am just quietly taking the time off and praying. (No family I am not saying why you can just assume!)

3. I can not find a good pair of shoes to wear during the day. It seems that they are not helping with "my reason I have only ran once this week". I don't like wearing my running sneakers because I fear I will break them in differently by walking in them. The ones I wear to the gym and my fancy boots seem to be the issue. What sneakers do you wear around. Do you have a pair that are just for wearing and ones that are just for running?

4. I got observed yesterday by my superintendent while using the interactive whiteboard. I am taking a class with him to learn how to use the IWB. I knew the one flipchart was going to give me trouble and I was right. The kids shadows were in the way so I said forget it move on. Guess what...he didn't care! Whoohoo.


Jamie said...

That happens to me too... wearing flats hurts, heels hurts... ugh. only wearing compression socks helps! I need to invest in a good pair of heels. I think that'll help! :) I don't know why I can spend $100 on running shoes no problem... but with heels i'm frugal! I need to get over that!

Coy Martinez said...

I use my old sneakers for work a lot of times. They seem to keep me feeling ok.

Meat heads hog the equip at my Y too :)