Friday, April 29, 2011

So last night Brian said no more Mopey SB he got me outside to atleast walk the property. Since my stuffy nose and pounding head were yelling at me no run tonight! So as we walked around we checked to see if there were any damage from all the rain. What was hilarious and I wish I had my phone was that Brian got stuck in the mud twice and lost his flip flop both times!
It felt good to get out of the house even though I felt like crap.

I watched IDOL and was so depressed to see Casey go...bummer. So this morning after tossing and turning all night I decided to try to head into work. About 30minutes of a meeting where I couldn't hear what anyone was saying I got back in my car and headed home.

I curled right back in bed and didn't wake up until noon! The dayquil has finally kicked in my my throat is still killing me. So I am off to make the famous Ireland style Mrs. Grass's soup with egg noodles, Alphabet noodles and the Mrs. Grass soup! Thanks Manda for the great idea

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Workout yesterday: 4.4 miles 37mins Tooo hot!! My GPS was not working again and had me only at 4miles when I finished. I had to measure it on
No workout tonight I cant breathe

This morning I woke up completely stuffy. I must have had trouble breathing last night because my throat was really sore (which means I snored LOL). I had a training to go to instead of school thank goodness because I would not have been able to keep up with my nose with kids. I used half a box of tissues at the training. I didn't touch anything that wasn't mine either. Didn't want to spread any germs to the Momma's at the table. But I am seriously questioning school tomorrow. The pressure in my face is killing me. I couldn't taste dinner at all either.

Hopefully making it through Idol and Bones then taking Nyquil ( I love that stuff it knocks me out in minutes)

Who do you want to win Idol?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Power outage

Today has just been LOVELY (enter sarcastic voice here). First....daily work issues, then it is a sauna at zumba and all the ladies are laughing at my awesome sweat stain! It outlined my entire bra it was gross. This taken with only a flashlight. Gross tummy and chest sweat!This is after I figured out how to light my lantern...can you see why they laughed I had a nittnay lion bra outline!!

I had to defiantly change before running into the grocery store. Any other day I would have not cared.
So....then I had an awesome dinner. I got home planning on making hamburger on the grill but Bri was already awake and cooking. He made ham and cheese omelets using up the left overs from Easter dinner. So nice of him to cook on one of his work nights. (HeAdd Image works at a sleep center and watches people sleep all night UGH I couldn't do it). So..then I put in Jillian Michael's 6 week abs and had the door open because there was a nice breeze. But all of a sudden the storm hits. Wind, rain, a little bit of hail. So i go to press stop on the DVD but the power flickered about 5 times and then finally went out.

Ok before I move on a major BLONDE moment is coming up so bare with me I am still learning this whole house versus apartment thing.

Ok so JM workout all sweaty decided to shower by in got the shampoo going...water going going gone :( Sadly to say I learned the hard way that no power no pump for the water.....not the same in apartment life. I was all excited to say I showered by candlelight and it was relaxing and blah blah blah.....nope I used Brita water to get some of the shampoo out of my hair.

So an hour later and still no power. I will have a few more hours with my laptop before that runs out of life. But hopefully it is one of those night where I read and fall asleep early because there is nothing on tv. (But it is Tuesday and there is Glee and Biggest Loser that I missed tonight!)

Do you watch Biggest loser? Who do you want to win?

Hot Hot Hot

Workout: 3.55 33:00 77 degrees minimal wind.

Yesterday it was back to work and back to reality. After a great weekend it was time to get the final push to the end of the year on. The kids of course either were coming down from a sugar high and completely tired or had sugar for breakfast and lunch and couldn't sit in their seats. Hopefully today goes much better.

I got a nice run in with Dud after school on the local bike path. It was so hot and I was glad I wore a tank top under my outfit to school because I wore that instead of the tshirt I had packed. We both were not feeling a fast pace at all and took several walking breaks. Our lungs and bodies need time to adjust to the heat in the next few weeks. Thank goodness we have some time before our next race.

Races coming up are May Day 10k May 14th and then Crystal Lake 15mile hike/run May 15th. I am going to channel Skinny Runner that weekend with the races back to back!!

Workout plan today: Zumba and abs with Jillian Michaels

Monday, April 25, 2011

What an Easter weekend. I hit the road for a 9+ mile run at first light with Dud. It started right off with some crazy hills that we took our time to get up. Then it turned into 3 miles of down. We got carried away but gravity and went a little too fast on the down. By mile 7-8 I was hurting. I made a huge mistake and didn't drink or eat a thing before the run and I felt it big time. Then add going out too fast and I died. We finished in 1:32 minutes. Then I got cleaned up to head home. I got stuck behind a construction truck and a camper on the two lane road that is nothing but hills. So it is impossible to pass. But due to that I was able to get my MPG up to 31.2!! I finally made it home around noon then headed right out to hit up the mall with my mom for her bday!

After shopping we picked up my sister and niece to get mani/pedi's for a girls night out.

Isn't she adorable!!

Then I tried out making Gluten free coconut eggs with dark chocolate! They were a big hit!!

Then my cousins came over with their kids to enjoy an Easter egg hunt that my dad and cousin put on every year! Aren't they adorable??

I headed back home around 3pm and was so full of ham and sugar I had to drive with the window down in the rain to make it home!

Now back to reality, teach teach teach!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Running with Sass' Giveaway!

Go check out this giveaway! They sound like some really cool earphones :)

Busy week

Well since Monday morning I have had a few things going on. Monday night I got JM abs in and this was my view as i was crunching away. Yes Bri just polished that beam so I was really praying she didn't slip, which she has fallen off that beam before. She only went up there because while doing burpees I hit the switch that is hanging off the fan. When she wasn't up there she was under my feet thinking it was so much fun to chase them when I was crunching.
Tuesday: Workout 3.3 miles 27:49 dodging rain drops. Around 2:30 it started pouring so I was really on the fence to use the treadmill. But I maned up and ran in the rain.
Afterward bri had a lovely back and forth conversation with the people at work. They told him don't come in then they called and said oops we were wrong it isn't your turn, come on in. So I threw some tortellini together and got him on his way.

Then I headed to the townhouse for coconut egg making and surprise rice crispy egg making too!!

We had a blast just talking and me watching Adam enjoy drinking his Pepsi Throwback. I even told the Cokes to leave the table at one point. Total for the week so far (ONE!!). I am so proud of myself with the soda challenge. :) We also watched the first hour of Biggest loser together. It was cool seeing all the neat things they did in New Zeland but it wasn't as exciting this week. It was sad to see Ken go home. I believe he will have a tough time losing the weight at home.

Wednesday: Workout 3.9miles 30:55 I would have done 4 miles but my GPS was being stupid and actually only clocked 3.5 so I kept running hoping I hit 4miles. It beeped at 2 miles 15:43 and then didn't beep again for 3miles until 25:56!! What?? So I went onto LOGYOURRUN and measured it all out.

For dinner I tried to make my own stir fry. Ok to be honest I am a processed food junky. So when you see me making things like this it is HUGE!

So I took a bag of snap peas, a can of water chestnuts and mixed it in with chicken and topped it with sweet and sour sauce. It was good the sauce wasn't as strong as I thought it would be. Bri
made suggestions to improve it but he ate it all up!
I am always happy when I branch out, don't freak out and it turns out :)

It is IDOL night but Bri and I have a few more windows to work on before that.

QOTD: How often do you try new recipes?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ah Ha Moment

Yesterday I woke up...or never even fell asleep extremely exhausted. I have this issue where (be ready for TMI) I wake up drench in sweat. I have no clue why but it can be 50 degrees in the room with a fan on me and still get hot. So I decided to do a little research. I found out that it is common and there are physical, emotional, environmental and medical reasons for such thing happening. Well one said side effect to meds, great there are three meds that it could be. So I am not messing with that. The other was genetic, your parents to it you most likely do it. So I called mom, only menopause hot flashes. Ok, next on the list, POLYESTER! So here's the thing I went to Kohls a few weeks ago and got a 149.99 comfortor for 42.00. I was so happy bc it works perfect in our room. Well I checked is 100% polyester. Polyester does not let your body breathe when wearing or sleeping on it or under it. So Last night I used a blanket Bri's aunt made me. I did not wake up until the 5am kitty alarm!!!! I even still had my fleece pants and hoodie on!!! My goodness how happy am I!! :) If you have any issues read this article it gives some good hints as to why you might be having trouble.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Motivation

So last Monday I made the choice/decision to start cutting back on the soda drinking. Monday was a very rough day. I went from 3 sodas to none. I had a migraine by 9am and it was going to be a very long day. I tried to run off the migraine around 3:30 by doing 6miles. I was very tired by the end of the run I did somewhat forget that my head hurt as well. Tuesday morning I had my first soda. I had it finished in about 10minutes. Then I was fine for the rest of the day. Wednesday I had Tea for breakfast and it seemed to help the craving since it had caffeine in it. Thursday I had my second soda of the week and this one didn't taste so good. It last most of the morning. Friday I had more tea and it was really strong but I did not notice until halfway through the day that it was caffeine free. Ugh! Friday after school we had our family run and I was focused on weighing in after the run. But I completely forgot about it, good thing I told Hey Hey that I wanted to do it!! I was hoping for at least one pound lost, BUT I LOST 4!!! (Reason enough to keep to this plan!!)Saturday was race day, I took two little sips prior to the race (everyone else has their coffee so I told myself I was allowed at least a sip). I finished it off basically right after the race. The weekend was the hardest for me, I had one Saturday afternoon and one Sunday afternoon. But I would have to say that is still less than 50% of the amount I had last week!! So back to the weekday plan. I have a nice mug of raspberry tea (with caffeine) this morning. I am going to try to do one more day without soda this week. Maybe another pound lost this week??? I know the weight I gained was due to bad food/drink choices so I will work hard to fix it! Anyone else trying to change a bad habit this week??

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Race Day

After a night of restless legs keeping me up and another early morning with a singing cat I got up and got ready for my 5k. The weather was hard to figure out but I knew I didn't want to wear cotton in case we did get stuck in the rain. We were ever so lucky that the rain held off until I could see the finish line. Though the new evil swear word WIND did not stay away. The first part of the race I really focused on staying with in distance of Hey Hey and Dud to keep myself from going out way too hard. The first mile was all flat except for speed bumps which I swore I would fall over. I do not pick my feet up high enough ever! But I made it over them all just fine. The second mile was a nice gradual uphill that I tried to power through and get closer to my friend who was first for the women. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't close the cap on her. She hasn't raced in 2 years and she was on a mission today. The last mile the wind hit and I kept telling myself " I DID NOT just bust my behind up that hill to give up bc it is windy"!! I was not letting it get all mental today and it worked. The timer was off at the finish line and so I was like a PR in this weather?? But no I had my trusty Garmin so I knew exactly what I got 23:11 (7:29 pace). I am happy with that since I had a 7:18, 14:50?? then lost some time in the wind. But I didn't die :)

Overall Dud, Hey Hey and I all went home with 1st place in our age group. I am liking my age group but I have only one more race season then I move up with the tough runners!

Well now that it is pouring I am just hanging low here at the cabin. I tried to nap but my foot is on fire so I am watching Celebrity Apprentice with an ice bag on my arch. Hoping to help Bri work on more windows this evening and a good night sleep.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rough start but TGIF

Well last night I planned to do a few different things but never got to any of them. I did not go to Zumba because it was 70 degrees outside and I just couldn't see working out in a gym with it so nice out. So I headed home with the plan to just do the driveway a few times (.21 uphill). Though, when i walked up to the house Bri was holding the dining room window and there was a lovely hole in the wall. So I stood there and took it in for a few minutes knowing as much as I would love to ignore it and go put running clothes on I had to help. So this is what we ended up doing instead. Bri needed my car bc of its bubble behind and get boards from Lowes. So we headed there, ended up ordering an awesome storm door for the living room (YEA to having air in it this summer!!) then bought the 2x6's. The rest of the night was a race against the sunset. We worked to get the window reframed out, put it back in, then put the molding all back on. It was a lot of work for Bri bc I couldn't help lift the window, I just held it in place as he scrambled to get it all done. He did not eat dinner until 9pm, and I made him two fully loaded ham and turkey sandwiches. It is all I made bc it was easy to have mine earlier and his later. So I did not get Ripped by JM in or Zumba or any type of run. But I was happy to help Bri check something else off his list. I will hopefully get a run in with the family this afternoon. It is supposed to be another nice day. We are getting ready for a 5k tomorrow that is going to be RAIN RAIN RAIN! I love racing in the rain not training in the rain. Well lets get this Friday started!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Go check out the awesome giveaway by Jen at!! Enter to win a garmin, spibelt or a cute tshirt!!
This is what Kubbi looks like doing abs while watching Biggest Loser! She is a MAJOR copy cat! As I was trying to do ab sets to the commercials and such kub brought her teddy onto the mat and got into position. She sat in her pose for about three minutes until she got sick of me taking pictures. SO CUTE!!!

Workout yesterday was a hard 5k on the river walk. It had stopped raining just in time for me to get the run in. Did 3.1 in 24:22 with no wind on the return. Made it nice to push it in mile 2-3.

On have had 2 sodas in 4 days!!! I have gone 2 whole days with no soda this week!!! I am really working on cutting back and I am proud of what I have done! Soon I will be able to go the whole week!

Goal for today: Zumba and Ripped JM and just water for the rest of the day!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Slow Day

Tuesday's are soooo long! My day at work seems to drag on and on. But I made it through, with only having one soda in two days. That is HUGE for me and tomorrow is to be another NO DAY.

This past weekend I dropped off a broken ring at the jeweler because it broke. I absolutely love this ring because it is so unique and Bri found it while on a Boys weekend!! They weren't sure they could fix it but they did in one day!

The crazy thing is that a week earlier the band of my other ring broke and I got that ring back from repair the night before this one broke. My luck with jewelery is so bad.
I have broken a diamond necklace playing track and field wii, I lost the stone to another ring 3 times, finally lost it for good last year, I think I flushed it :( So I was really upset when both these broke. I am always scared to tell Bri bc it just shows how bad I am with jewelery. Hoping it doesn't keep happening or they will learn my face at the jewelers.

Well I had planned on steak and pasta for dinner tonight but Bri had other plans.

I did not complain at all!!! These steak wraps were delicious!

Now it is time for Biggest Loser and a quick jog on the treadmill. Easy day after my long hilly run yesterday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Goal accomplished!

Workout: 6 miles alot of hills and high humidity FINALLY!!! 52:57

Is it in my head that I think I could have run better with soda in my system?? Well I made it the whole day so far with no soda!! I had peachy tea for breakfast with no added sugar. I then downed my water bottle like I was getting paid to do so. On my break I walked 1.5 miles because it was SOOOOO nice out. Plus if I was sitting there I probably would have found an excuse to buy a soda. Yes my life is soda and running on the side. Though I had a great lunch it still did not hold me over the whole day. I tried the new tuna pouches, had a baggie with almonds and dried cranberries, a handful of caramel rice cakes. Not enough because I walked in the door and food the closest thing to eat before my run. I ate left over p****. Yea not a healthy choice after a great start to the day. So I was mad after wards and decided I would not run on the treadmill but risk the rain and humidity and do a long run. I started off thinking I would do an easy out and back but then I saw the HILL! Yes Poco was calling my name. It is half a mile uphill then a mile down. I totaled out with a nice 6miles and about 8 different uphills. I was huffing and puffing once I made it up my driveway. Bri's reaction "well it must have been a good one today!" Yuppers....I ran the lack of soda migraine right out of me. Now its Gatorade to fill the void and some JM to work the abs before House.

Hoping to make it another day with no soda and start to see a difference in the weight.

This Old House

Well what a BUSY weekend. Friday night I DID meet up with the family for a run in the rain. It woke me up enough to make it through a yummy dinner and time with the lil miss walker!!! YEA!! When Bri and I left I headed right to the Dollar Store to get more dusting spray. It is spring cleaning time!

With a log home you have lots of wood to polish/dust. Bri was on that duty since it means getting on tall tall ladders. I took apart the bedroom and vacuumed under everything. Then dusted my book shelf. That took time since I have it loaded with so much. We ended up cleaning until 11:30pm. We finally decided we need to stop since Saturday was going to be an even longer day.

Sat. morning I got up early and headed into town. I took my broken ring to the jeweler and I hope it can be fixed. I then watched a big mess of a fire while I waited for the BRIDE TO BE!!! The dress fitting was great. She looks amazing and only need a few things fixed! Tin Tin made it an even more awesome experience by bring sunflowers!

Now for the long day part!! I headed back home after some quick grocery shopping with G-Mom and lil miss walker. The guys were working on closing in our windows.
This what they looked like before. No molding or anything around them. On Friday new window panes were put in.

This is what they look like a little more up close. It was outlined with a really ugly dark wood that didn't match the walls.

Here is the first window finished. Bri finished without his dad and drove me nuts. This is now Sunday morning because we have to stain all the boards 3 times and wait for them to dry over night. I am glad this project is complete because Bri walks into the living room with a nice big smile now!

Goal for this week: Tea instead of soda, increase ab workouts, have a good 5k on Saturday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Half open eyes sleep at all last night at all. I woke up to Bri saying his stomach was on fire! I don't think the fire extinguisher works on that. When he doesn't feel good my brain gets going a mile a second! Wish my legs could do that too. But because of that neither of us got any sleep after 3:30am. Why I didn't call i a mental health day I have not clue. How about a 32 oz diet soda to get me through the day?? Yea yea so against my goals at the moment but I think my head is clued to the table as I type right now. How am I supposed to keep up with K-4th graders. Oh boy and a meeting with other teachers this AM that I totally forgot about. Workout last night: Zumba for an hour and ten minutes. Then massavie cleaning in the house. Thanks to new windows in the living room we moved everything and vaccumed under everything. We then moved the bed and looked for evidence of a mad cat from hiding from company. We did find one spot in the living room so this afternoon I need to get spot cleaner. Ok time to start the day...then a family run :) BAMBINO IS HERE SOON!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catch Up

Ok well it has been an interesting two days. Tuesday I just wasn't feeling too well. I had a beautiful salad for lunch.

SPinach (from a bag), cherry tomatos, carrots, and deli turkey, with a splash of ranch. After I ate that my belly was very noisy and uncomfortable. ALl night I could sing you a song that was was gross. Anyways, dinner was bad and it took a sprite and diet pepsi to help calm it down. I did not try to move at all. So Wednesday still scared to eat much I was going light on the lunch. Just a 100 calorie pack, and some carrots. Then I check my phone at my prep time and there is a voice message. IT WAS MY GROCERY STORE!!! They were recalling the spinach!!! There were scares or cases IDK of samanela poisioning. OMG!! I don't think I had full blast bc I did not get real sick but I def was not comfy at all. So yea...that new bag used once is in the trash. I was so happy that I use my Weis card to purchase things that way I can receive those calls.

Workout last night: I did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 week 2. Yes I should be week 3 or 4 by now but I am weak!!! I was screaming at her every time she said plank position. Not because of my abs but I have no wrist stregnth! I have to adjust my hands every 2 seconds! But I got through it in time to shower and watch Idol!!! I love James Durban!!! Bri Guy Loves Haley! Yea she is cute I get it!

Ok time to start the school day :)

New windows being put in at the cabin today how exciting!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling down

Not only do I not feel fast anymore I stand in the closet all morning trying to find clothes that don't hug the fat roll. I don't know what is different but something is bc I run and run but I just keep gaining weight in my legs and belly. Now i haven't gotten into a full routine yet with JM so I know I could do better there. But what has changed in the past year that has caused the weight gain to begin with? I look at my lunches, still packing the same thing. I look at our dinners, still pretty much the same thing. My runs actually have increased in distance and frequency but nothing! Just not feeling good today.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Workout yesterday 3.32miles 27mins 8:08 pace. I feel like I have lost some speed and I am trying to get to the bottom of it. Is it what I am eating/drinking?? Is it mental....easily could be. Or have I just lost some muscle that quickly? We have a race coming up and I have never run it before so I don't know if it is flat or hills? Based on the town it is in I am guessing flat. Which I would rather prefer hills because I can change gears better with hills. I get all in my head with flat courses and can't get my turn over to TURN OVER! But I have been really pushing flat routes this past week so hopefully it pays off. Schedule for today......the final PSSA exam. Then back into the swing of things. Hopefully my ring that broke is in and I can go pick it up. Due to the rain rain rain I will be doing Zumba at home where I will not be getting soaked. Have a great day everyone!! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kitty Time and Bunny

I was sitting here tonight with the usual position....Kubbi laying on me and putting my leg asleep. I thought hum how about a little showing off of my kub since she hides out every time someone comes over. We will go through her growing up first.She has a foot fetish!! In the middle of the night nothing is safe. I actually lost sleep last night because every toe got attacked!! She doesn't know how to lick either so everything is a bite!If I were holding that vacuum you would not be able to find Kubbi but for some reason that night it was her pillow.I tend to dress her up every once in a while. No wonder she bites my toes.
This is her laser. I head to bed and she knows it is laser time on the blue rug!

We hold hands when she sleeps :)

Now I can't give all the attention to Kubbi because there are a lot of others in my life.Lily and Stormy the girls!! They live at Bri's folks house! Have you ever seen a cat go backwards down a tree? I have and Lily is very talented at it!

The big brother and sister Cooper (orange) and Emmy (black). These kiddos are in NY with my folks. Had Cooper since I was a Junior in High school and Emmy since Sophomore year in college.
Last but not least.....Peanut Butter Ripple Fluff-a-nutter Ireland!!! My first pet in PA!! She lived through a major drama as a baby when something broke into her cage. So now she lives in a palace. Literally, a two floored cage with a ramp! We take good care of our children! i only have to travel to three houses to see them all!! But they all have a place in my heart. I think I see why I can't have a dog or another Kitty now!! Well it is LASER TIME!!! Kub and I are out!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A great weekend with the family!!

Well I was off to a great start this weekend by getting a quick, short and flat run in before I headed home. I drove over to the park down from the school and did a quick 2mile run 15:33. Most of it was without wind but the last .75 was right into the wind. I practiced pushing through it and trying to increase my pace. It felt great!! I then changed into dry clothes and headed to Subway! Nothing like a heavy sub to chomp on while driving on the highway!! But if you haven't heard me say it before " My parents never have food in their house that I can eat or will eat." I am not being picky or anything but my dad is Celiac and everything he has to buy is very expensive so I can't go in and eat it all up. SO I always eat before I get there and eat out the rest of the weekend. So...I made the drive home and got there in time to watch some dateline with the rents. (Not the ideal way to spend a Friday night LOL)

Saturday I got up bright and early and headed out for a long run. I did one of the loops I used to bike, run and rollerblade in high school. The first 4miles went by quickly because there was no wind and it was one gradual downhill. I started to head back home and hit 4 hills that I took my time getting up. I walked at the top of each to give my legs a little break. I kept saying out loud on the last hill "down hill soon, down hill soon". But I didn't get what I wanted. The down hill has cow fields on both sides so it was nothing but wind. I had to push to get down the hill. Nothing like a fun way to end 7.8miles (1:10). I felt great though since I have avoided hills for 2 weeks.

I got quickly cleaned up and out the door because kohls was calling my name!!! I had a 30% off coupon and there was doorbuster hours going on! I ended up finding 4 shirts all one sale and a comforter (original 149.99 on sale 70% 44.99!!!) For all that I only spent $54!! I LOVE KOHLS!!

My sister and I met up at Sam's club where I purchased a huge container of almonds and a bag of dried cranberries (craisans) YUMMY!! Manda found out all the good reasons why to eat them so I had to try them out!

Now for what you all have been waiting for LION KING!!!! The show started at 2pm and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.There were some amazing singers that I just have to show off. The pics are from the program because I am sure I would be in jail if i took their picture during the show!!
This guy had a solo right at the beginning and I swore it was a women. His voice was higher and more beautiful than most of the women in the show!! (Sorry for the bad picture with a zebra behind)

I loved how the animals walked right down the walkways!

It was a great show and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!! Go see Lion King!

After the show we headed over to my older sisters house to play with the kids! The were a riot and for some reason Evie kept saying "have fun at your wedding with Brian" to me!! I think she is a little confused on that one!!!! Maybe she is having the same dead end dreams I am having LOL!!!! JK I am perfectly happy with what I have!!! I got it all cleared up with her :)

Later that night this is how my folks found me.

It took all day until my legs started to hurt. But I got ice on the ASAP and they feel much better this morning! It was a great weekend and a wonderful way to celebrate my sisters birthday! Nothing like good deals, an awesome show and silly kiddos to help take your mind off a crazy week at work :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Heading Home

Well it has been such a rough week I avoided even typing because it wouldn't have sound, looked or just flat out been pretty. Instead I held most of it in until I saw Dud and Hey Hey last night for a run. I got it all out in about 2 mins then tried not to push myself with anger through the 3miles that we ran. I wasn't planning on doing a Thursday run but because of how my week went and things changing last minute I did not get a chance to do anything on Wednesday. So it was a make up day.

Yesterday I woke up to this outside my window.

It melted quickly but it is doing a mixture of snow and rain right now too.

Last night I tried out something new for dinner. I used Philadelphia Cream Cheese
I liked it because it felt a little healthier than a full jar of Alfredo sauce. Though Bri will not try it again he wasn't too found of the herbs.

Any is a new day and I am heading home to see Lion King with my sister!! I used my gas card and save .25 cents a gal $3.34 a gallon baby! So more about Lion later!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!