Monday, April 11, 2011

This Old House

Well what a BUSY weekend. Friday night I DID meet up with the family for a run in the rain. It woke me up enough to make it through a yummy dinner and time with the lil miss walker!!! YEA!! When Bri and I left I headed right to the Dollar Store to get more dusting spray. It is spring cleaning time!

With a log home you have lots of wood to polish/dust. Bri was on that duty since it means getting on tall tall ladders. I took apart the bedroom and vacuumed under everything. Then dusted my book shelf. That took time since I have it loaded with so much. We ended up cleaning until 11:30pm. We finally decided we need to stop since Saturday was going to be an even longer day.

Sat. morning I got up early and headed into town. I took my broken ring to the jeweler and I hope it can be fixed. I then watched a big mess of a fire while I waited for the BRIDE TO BE!!! The dress fitting was great. She looks amazing and only need a few things fixed! Tin Tin made it an even more awesome experience by bring sunflowers!

Now for the long day part!! I headed back home after some quick grocery shopping with G-Mom and lil miss walker. The guys were working on closing in our windows.
This what they looked like before. No molding or anything around them. On Friday new window panes were put in.

This is what they look like a little more up close. It was outlined with a really ugly dark wood that didn't match the walls.

Here is the first window finished. Bri finished without his dad and drove me nuts. This is now Sunday morning because we have to stain all the boards 3 times and wait for them to dry over night. I am glad this project is complete because Bri walks into the living room with a nice big smile now!

Goal for this week: Tea instead of soda, increase ab workouts, have a good 5k on Saturday.

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