Friday, April 1, 2011

Heading Home

Well it has been such a rough week I avoided even typing because it wouldn't have sound, looked or just flat out been pretty. Instead I held most of it in until I saw Dud and Hey Hey last night for a run. I got it all out in about 2 mins then tried not to push myself with anger through the 3miles that we ran. I wasn't planning on doing a Thursday run but because of how my week went and things changing last minute I did not get a chance to do anything on Wednesday. So it was a make up day.

Yesterday I woke up to this outside my window.

It melted quickly but it is doing a mixture of snow and rain right now too.

Last night I tried out something new for dinner. I used Philadelphia Cream Cheese
I liked it because it felt a little healthier than a full jar of Alfredo sauce. Though Bri will not try it again he wasn't too found of the herbs.

Any is a new day and I am heading home to see Lion King with my sister!! I used my gas card and save .25 cents a gal $3.34 a gallon baby! So more about Lion later!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Faithful Leigh said...

When we make wheat multi grain pasta, we use 1/3 jar sauce and a scoop of cream cheese, it's divine and not that many "points"