Sunday, April 3, 2011

A great weekend with the family!!

Well I was off to a great start this weekend by getting a quick, short and flat run in before I headed home. I drove over to the park down from the school and did a quick 2mile run 15:33. Most of it was without wind but the last .75 was right into the wind. I practiced pushing through it and trying to increase my pace. It felt great!! I then changed into dry clothes and headed to Subway! Nothing like a heavy sub to chomp on while driving on the highway!! But if you haven't heard me say it before " My parents never have food in their house that I can eat or will eat." I am not being picky or anything but my dad is Celiac and everything he has to buy is very expensive so I can't go in and eat it all up. SO I always eat before I get there and eat out the rest of the weekend. So...I made the drive home and got there in time to watch some dateline with the rents. (Not the ideal way to spend a Friday night LOL)

Saturday I got up bright and early and headed out for a long run. I did one of the loops I used to bike, run and rollerblade in high school. The first 4miles went by quickly because there was no wind and it was one gradual downhill. I started to head back home and hit 4 hills that I took my time getting up. I walked at the top of each to give my legs a little break. I kept saying out loud on the last hill "down hill soon, down hill soon". But I didn't get what I wanted. The down hill has cow fields on both sides so it was nothing but wind. I had to push to get down the hill. Nothing like a fun way to end 7.8miles (1:10). I felt great though since I have avoided hills for 2 weeks.

I got quickly cleaned up and out the door because kohls was calling my name!!! I had a 30% off coupon and there was doorbuster hours going on! I ended up finding 4 shirts all one sale and a comforter (original 149.99 on sale 70% 44.99!!!) For all that I only spent $54!! I LOVE KOHLS!!

My sister and I met up at Sam's club where I purchased a huge container of almonds and a bag of dried cranberries (craisans) YUMMY!! Manda found out all the good reasons why to eat them so I had to try them out!

Now for what you all have been waiting for LION KING!!!! The show started at 2pm and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.There were some amazing singers that I just have to show off. The pics are from the program because I am sure I would be in jail if i took their picture during the show!!
This guy had a solo right at the beginning and I swore it was a women. His voice was higher and more beautiful than most of the women in the show!! (Sorry for the bad picture with a zebra behind)

I loved how the animals walked right down the walkways!

It was a great show and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!! Go see Lion King!

After the show we headed over to my older sisters house to play with the kids! The were a riot and for some reason Evie kept saying "have fun at your wedding with Brian" to me!! I think she is a little confused on that one!!!! Maybe she is having the same dead end dreams I am having LOL!!!! JK I am perfectly happy with what I have!!! I got it all cleared up with her :)

Later that night this is how my folks found me.

It took all day until my legs started to hurt. But I got ice on the ASAP and they feel much better this morning! It was a great weekend and a wonderful way to celebrate my sisters birthday! Nothing like good deals, an awesome show and silly kiddos to help take your mind off a crazy week at work :)

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