Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Power outage

Today has just been LOVELY (enter sarcastic voice here). First....daily work issues, then it is a sauna at zumba and all the ladies are laughing at my awesome sweat stain! It outlined my entire bra it was gross. This taken with only a flashlight. Gross tummy and chest sweat!This is after I figured out how to light my lantern...can you see why they laughed I had a nittnay lion bra outline!!

I had to defiantly change before running into the grocery store. Any other day I would have not cared.
So....then I had an awesome dinner. I got home planning on making hamburger on the grill but Bri was already awake and cooking. He made ham and cheese omelets using up the left overs from Easter dinner. So nice of him to cook on one of his work nights. (HeAdd Image works at a sleep center and watches people sleep all night UGH I couldn't do it). So..then I put in Jillian Michael's 6 week abs and had the door open because there was a nice breeze. But all of a sudden the storm hits. Wind, rain, a little bit of hail. So i go to press stop on the DVD but the power flickered about 5 times and then finally went out.

Ok before I move on a major BLONDE moment is coming up so bare with me I am still learning this whole house versus apartment thing.

Ok so JM workout all sweaty decided to shower by candlelight....got in got the shampoo going...water going going gone :( Sadly to say I learned the hard way that no power no pump for the water.....not the same in apartment life. I was all excited to say I showered by candlelight and it was relaxing and blah blah blah.....nope I used Brita water to get some of the shampoo out of my hair.

So an hour later and still no power. I will have a few more hours with my laptop before that runs out of life. But hopefully it is one of those night where I read and fall asleep early because there is nothing on tv. (But it is Tuesday and there is Glee and Biggest Loser that I missed tonight!)

Do you watch Biggest loser? Who do you want to win?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Sorry about the storm and lack of power! I won't spoil Glee for you but it was good so catch up when you can!