Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catch Up

Ok well it has been an interesting two days. Tuesday I just wasn't feeling too well. I had a beautiful salad for lunch.

SPinach (from a bag), cherry tomatos, carrots, and deli turkey, with a splash of ranch. After I ate that my belly was very noisy and uncomfortable. ALl night I could sing you a song that was was gross. Anyways, dinner was bad and it took a sprite and diet pepsi to help calm it down. I did not try to move at all. So Wednesday still scared to eat much I was going light on the lunch. Just a 100 calorie pack, and some carrots. Then I check my phone at my prep time and there is a voice message. IT WAS MY GROCERY STORE!!! They were recalling the spinach!!! There were scares or cases IDK of samanela poisioning. OMG!! I don't think I had full blast bc I did not get real sick but I def was not comfy at all. So yea...that new bag used once is in the trash. I was so happy that I use my Weis card to purchase things that way I can receive those calls.

Workout last night: I did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 week 2. Yes I should be week 3 or 4 by now but I am weak!!! I was screaming at her every time she said plank position. Not because of my abs but I have no wrist stregnth! I have to adjust my hands every 2 seconds! But I got through it in time to shower and watch Idol!!! I love James Durban!!! Bri Guy Loves Haley! Yea she is cute I get it!

Ok time to start the school day :)

New windows being put in at the cabin today how exciting!!!! :)

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