Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Slow Day

Tuesday's are soooo long! My day at work seems to drag on and on. But I made it through, with only having one soda in two days. That is HUGE for me and tomorrow is to be another NO DAY.

This past weekend I dropped off a broken ring at the jeweler because it broke. I absolutely love this ring because it is so unique and Bri found it while on a Boys weekend!! They weren't sure they could fix it but they did in one day!

The crazy thing is that a week earlier the band of my other ring broke and I got that ring back from repair the night before this one broke. My luck with jewelery is so bad.
I have broken a diamond necklace playing track and field wii, I lost the stone to another ring 3 times, finally lost it for good last year, I think I flushed it :( So I was really upset when both these broke. I am always scared to tell Bri bc it just shows how bad I am with jewelery. Hoping it doesn't keep happening or they will learn my face at the jewelers.

Well I had planned on steak and pasta for dinner tonight but Bri had other plans.

I did not complain at all!!! These steak wraps were delicious!

Now it is time for Biggest Loser and a quick jog on the treadmill. Easy day after my long hilly run yesterday.


Heather said...

Glad your ring was able to be fixed! Your dinner looks yummy I might have to do that this week too.

Jen said...

I'm bad with jewelry as well. My diamond was coming off of my wedding ring so I stuck it in a baggie to get replaced. I think it got thrown away. So sad.
I loved your reason to run. It's a great place for me to think and work things out. And how cool that you get to run with your family!