Monday, April 4, 2011

Kitty Time and Bunny

I was sitting here tonight with the usual position....Kubbi laying on me and putting my leg asleep. I thought hum how about a little showing off of my kub since she hides out every time someone comes over. We will go through her growing up first.She has a foot fetish!! In the middle of the night nothing is safe. I actually lost sleep last night because every toe got attacked!! She doesn't know how to lick either so everything is a bite!If I were holding that vacuum you would not be able to find Kubbi but for some reason that night it was her pillow.I tend to dress her up every once in a while. No wonder she bites my toes.
This is her laser. I head to bed and she knows it is laser time on the blue rug!

We hold hands when she sleeps :)

Now I can't give all the attention to Kubbi because there are a lot of others in my life.Lily and Stormy the girls!! They live at Bri's folks house! Have you ever seen a cat go backwards down a tree? I have and Lily is very talented at it!

The big brother and sister Cooper (orange) and Emmy (black). These kiddos are in NY with my folks. Had Cooper since I was a Junior in High school and Emmy since Sophomore year in college.
Last but not least.....Peanut Butter Ripple Fluff-a-nutter Ireland!!! My first pet in PA!! She lived through a major drama as a baby when something broke into her cage. So now she lives in a palace. Literally, a two floored cage with a ramp! We take good care of our children! i only have to travel to three houses to see them all!! But they all have a place in my heart. I think I see why I can't have a dog or another Kitty now!! Well it is LASER TIME!!! Kub and I are out!

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