Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy week

Well since Monday morning I have had a few things going on. Monday night I got JM abs in and this was my view as i was crunching away. Yes Bri just polished that beam so I was really praying she didn't slip, which she has fallen off that beam before. She only went up there because while doing burpees I hit the switch that is hanging off the fan. When she wasn't up there she was under my feet thinking it was so much fun to chase them when I was crunching.
Tuesday: Workout 3.3 miles 27:49 dodging rain drops. Around 2:30 it started pouring so I was really on the fence to use the treadmill. But I maned up and ran in the rain.
Afterward bri had a lovely back and forth conversation with the people at work. They told him don't come in then they called and said oops we were wrong it isn't your turn, come on in. So I threw some tortellini together and got him on his way.

Then I headed to the townhouse for coconut egg making and surprise rice crispy egg making too!!

We had a blast just talking and me watching Adam enjoy drinking his Pepsi Throwback. I even told the Cokes to leave the table at one point. Total for the week so far (ONE!!). I am so proud of myself with the soda challenge. :) We also watched the first hour of Biggest loser together. It was cool seeing all the neat things they did in New Zeland but it wasn't as exciting this week. It was sad to see Ken go home. I believe he will have a tough time losing the weight at home.

Wednesday: Workout 3.9miles 30:55 I would have done 4 miles but my GPS was being stupid and actually only clocked 3.5 so I kept running hoping I hit 4miles. It beeped at 2 miles 15:43 and then didn't beep again for 3miles until 25:56!! What?? So I went onto LOGYOURRUN and measured it all out.

For dinner I tried to make my own stir fry. Ok to be honest I am a processed food junky. So when you see me making things like this it is HUGE!

So I took a bag of snap peas, a can of water chestnuts and mixed it in with chicken and topped it with sweet and sour sauce. It was good the sauce wasn't as strong as I thought it would be. Bri
made suggestions to improve it but he ate it all up!
I am always happy when I branch out, don't freak out and it turns out :)

It is IDOL night but Bri and I have a few more windows to work on before that.

QOTD: How often do you try new recipes?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

The stir-fry looks great--good job on branching out. Normally I like to try new recipes often, but nothing crazy! I make something a little different each time, maybe add a new ingredient or two. Small changes!