Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is what Kubbi looks like doing abs while watching Biggest Loser! She is a MAJOR copy cat! As I was trying to do ab sets to the commercials and such kub brought her teddy onto the mat and got into position. She sat in her pose for about three minutes until she got sick of me taking pictures. SO CUTE!!!

Workout yesterday was a hard 5k on the river walk. It had stopped raining just in time for me to get the run in. Did 3.1 in 24:22 with no wind on the return. Made it nice to push it in mile 2-3.

On have had 2 sodas in 4 days!!! I have gone 2 whole days with no soda this week!!! I am really working on cutting back and I am proud of what I have done! Soon I will be able to go the whole week!

Goal for today: Zumba and Ripped JM and just water for the rest of the day!!

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