Friday, April 8, 2011

Half open eyes sleep at all last night at all. I woke up to Bri saying his stomach was on fire! I don't think the fire extinguisher works on that. When he doesn't feel good my brain gets going a mile a second! Wish my legs could do that too. But because of that neither of us got any sleep after 3:30am. Why I didn't call i a mental health day I have not clue. How about a 32 oz diet soda to get me through the day?? Yea yea so against my goals at the moment but I think my head is clued to the table as I type right now. How am I supposed to keep up with K-4th graders. Oh boy and a meeting with other teachers this AM that I totally forgot about. Workout last night: Zumba for an hour and ten minutes. Then massavie cleaning in the house. Thanks to new windows in the living room we moved everything and vaccumed under everything. We then moved the bed and looked for evidence of a mad cat from hiding from company. We did find one spot in the living room so this afternoon I need to get spot cleaner. Ok time to start the day...then a family run :) BAMBINO IS HERE SOON!!!

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