Monday, April 11, 2011

Goal accomplished!

Workout: 6 miles alot of hills and high humidity FINALLY!!! 52:57

Is it in my head that I think I could have run better with soda in my system?? Well I made it the whole day so far with no soda!! I had peachy tea for breakfast with no added sugar. I then downed my water bottle like I was getting paid to do so. On my break I walked 1.5 miles because it was SOOOOO nice out. Plus if I was sitting there I probably would have found an excuse to buy a soda. Yes my life is soda and running on the side. Though I had a great lunch it still did not hold me over the whole day. I tried the new tuna pouches, had a baggie with almonds and dried cranberries, a handful of caramel rice cakes. Not enough because I walked in the door and food the closest thing to eat before my run. I ate left over p****. Yea not a healthy choice after a great start to the day. So I was mad after wards and decided I would not run on the treadmill but risk the rain and humidity and do a long run. I started off thinking I would do an easy out and back but then I saw the HILL! Yes Poco was calling my name. It is half a mile uphill then a mile down. I totaled out with a nice 6miles and about 8 different uphills. I was huffing and puffing once I made it up my driveway. Bri's reaction "well it must have been a good one today!" Yuppers....I ran the lack of soda migraine right out of me. Now its Gatorade to fill the void and some JM to work the abs before House.

Hoping to make it another day with no soda and start to see a difference in the weight.

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