Monday, April 25, 2011

What an Easter weekend. I hit the road for a 9+ mile run at first light with Dud. It started right off with some crazy hills that we took our time to get up. Then it turned into 3 miles of down. We got carried away but gravity and went a little too fast on the down. By mile 7-8 I was hurting. I made a huge mistake and didn't drink or eat a thing before the run and I felt it big time. Then add going out too fast and I died. We finished in 1:32 minutes. Then I got cleaned up to head home. I got stuck behind a construction truck and a camper on the two lane road that is nothing but hills. So it is impossible to pass. But due to that I was able to get my MPG up to 31.2!! I finally made it home around noon then headed right out to hit up the mall with my mom for her bday!

After shopping we picked up my sister and niece to get mani/pedi's for a girls night out.

Isn't she adorable!!

Then I tried out making Gluten free coconut eggs with dark chocolate! They were a big hit!!

Then my cousins came over with their kids to enjoy an Easter egg hunt that my dad and cousin put on every year! Aren't they adorable??

I headed back home around 3pm and was so full of ham and sugar I had to drive with the window down in the rain to make it home!

Now back to reality, teach teach teach!!!

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Your niece is adorable getting her pedicure!!