Monday, April 18, 2011

New Motivation

So last Monday I made the choice/decision to start cutting back on the soda drinking. Monday was a very rough day. I went from 3 sodas to none. I had a migraine by 9am and it was going to be a very long day. I tried to run off the migraine around 3:30 by doing 6miles. I was very tired by the end of the run I did somewhat forget that my head hurt as well. Tuesday morning I had my first soda. I had it finished in about 10minutes. Then I was fine for the rest of the day. Wednesday I had Tea for breakfast and it seemed to help the craving since it had caffeine in it. Thursday I had my second soda of the week and this one didn't taste so good. It last most of the morning. Friday I had more tea and it was really strong but I did not notice until halfway through the day that it was caffeine free. Ugh! Friday after school we had our family run and I was focused on weighing in after the run. But I completely forgot about it, good thing I told Hey Hey that I wanted to do it!! I was hoping for at least one pound lost, BUT I LOST 4!!! (Reason enough to keep to this plan!!)Saturday was race day, I took two little sips prior to the race (everyone else has their coffee so I told myself I was allowed at least a sip). I finished it off basically right after the race. The weekend was the hardest for me, I had one Saturday afternoon and one Sunday afternoon. But I would have to say that is still less than 50% of the amount I had last week!! So back to the weekday plan. I have a nice mug of raspberry tea (with caffeine) this morning. I am going to try to do one more day without soda this week. Maybe another pound lost this week??? I know the weight I gained was due to bad food/drink choices so I will work hard to fix it! Anyone else trying to change a bad habit this week??

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