Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fighting back

Tuesday was an OK day. I got through Zumba but I was still feeling every muscle from doing Six Week Six Pack the night before. To be honest I am still feeling it today!! Tonight's plan is 2-3 miles easy on flat again. Then abs with Jillian Micheals. I know for sure I will be getting a few laughs out of Bri since he is home tonight. Kubbi has taken a liking to the yoga mat and playing copy cat. She actually laid right behind me and cat and burpies do not mix well! I am fighting against the pain today with my leg and in my abs and trying to get a good workout in but a relaxed one if that makes sense! Off to teaching my lovely kiddos!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grumpy Pants

Yesterday Dud and I stayed on flat roads and got in 3.18 miles in. We hit one road with a hill but he MADE me stop. He knew I would power through the pain and not care. By mile 2 my leg was all warmed up and stretched out. I still made sure as soon as I got home I got some ice on it. It has moved up to my achellies. It isn't as bad as when it was in my arch.

After conquring the waffle maker for the first time Bri got his chicken and waffles and I enjoyed just waffles and butter. I am not a gravy person at all!!

I decided that I could be doing something a lot better then eating an entire bag of jelly beans around 7pm. So I popped in Six week Six pack by Jillian Micheals.

She won yet again. I have to do this more than once a week!! I feel it today and glad that I can because I always worry that I am not doing it right.

I got really grumpy after the workout. I got thinking about how the dr. said I had gained 10 pounds even with the increase of mileage preparing for the marathon we did in January. Now I have been trying to do more cross training and Jillian Micheals. I am questioning whether to continue with the shot. I am wearing a big pair of grumpy pants and I can't bust out of them. Need to call my dr. and get his opinion about whether to stay where I am at for another year or move on. Ugh...Manda and I might be putting our heads together with a plan to help each other out. I am sure my amount of processed food through out the week isn't helping me at all.

Zumba tonight!! Hoping there isn't that guy there...he ruins my chance to booty shake!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Skinny Runner giveaway!

Everyone go check out and her Biggest Giveaway Ever!!! Hoping one of us wins something!!!

Good Morning

Do you know how much I love my reality TV!! I got a big dose of it last night and still smiling from it. Well it started off with AMazing Race (so wish to do that some day but sure my Nasty SB would come out at some point so I won't). One of my fav. teams Margie and Luke were sent home. Luke is Deaf and tries so hard. He easily gets upset when he is at a challenge too long and is the last team. He cried so hard this time around that even the Indian men working the challenge felt bad. Once he finally finished it the Indian men ran to him and all hugged him and tried to lift him up! I was crying right along with them all. I was sad to see them go because they work so hard. Next up was Kardashians!! Oh how I love their drama! Kortney was one One Life to Live and did awesome!! I wish I had their life and had room service every meal. Then it was Holly's World. Oh did I cry so hard with this one!! Josh, Holly's friend found his birth mother and met the rest of his family. He was crying and so was everyone else. It was awesome to see a closed adoption work out! No soreness this morning. Hoping it last the day and get a run in at some point. Hey Hey let me know if you read this if you are running!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long Run Sunday

Well after being a bum on the couch for the ENTIRE morning I was glad to see Manda and Dud were planning a long run. I quickly jumped up and asked to join them. i was a great 6.47 mostly flat with two gradual hills (very tiny when not hurting). Once we got 2-3 miles in my foot/leg was not hurting it just took some time to get it warmed up. I wore some layers so I got warm quick. We finished in 57mins. That is very good since Manda and I haven't done any long runs since the marathon! I'm excited to get back into it and get ready for the 15miler.

I did not eat very well leading up to the run though. Toaster strudel for breakfast and then no lunch. I came right home and drank a whole Nalgen bottle of Gatorade . Bri and I made hot dogs over the wood fire. They were delicious. We are def. ready for camp fires again.

Now it is time to watch Amazing race and ice my foot/leg. Hoping it isn't really mad at me in the morning for doing a long run.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lazy Day

Today I got blood work done, all routine with epilepsy. Gotta make sure those drugs go where they are supposed to and not harm anything. Love seeing some drugs I used to take in those commercials to call a lawyer if you took them while pregnant. I know I will some day go off them if I do decide to have a family naturally. But until then sticking to the routine and praying that everything stays O.K.
Just getting things done around the house now...laundry and such. Icing my foot again to make sure I stay ahead of the pain. Good thing I have a bit of time before my next race. Dud and I did 1.88 yesterday just trying to loosen up after a hard workout the day before. We ended up doing it at an 8:15 pace. Pushing it for an easy day. OOPS was what I said...Dud said the GPS must of miscalculated the distance LOL.

Had a lovely surprise when I got home from my blood work. Dud came over and brought donuts. I am so in love with donuts!!! I ate one and bagged up the other one for a treat later on :) Self control today!

Got a post last night that put me in check. LeLe reminded me of an inservice we actually had. This is a public post and I am a teacher. Last thing I want is to say something that could harm my job. The state and federal government are already doing a great job at scaring everyone with budget cuts. It is hard to keep your feelings in check at times and I blurted them out very loudly yesterday. I apologize and I will make sure that I am also very professional here like I am at school no matter how frustrating other teachers make me feel. I run to take that all out and I run with family so I can talk it out as well. Trust me I truly believe a fast paced easy run is result of my mouth moving to fast! I love you LeLe!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sore day

TGIF yet again. Thank goodness for a fast week. Though my foot is still killing me I made it through two workouts yesterday. I did Zumba here at school and could sorta feel my foot. It started moving up into the back of my ankle by the end. Which to my surprise there was a guy at Zumba. Let me say WEIRD!! I can not get my booty shake on with a guy in the room! So if he continues to come on Thursday I may not go back.

Then afterwards I went right home changed into running clothes and heading over to the ball park to meet up with Dud and Manda. We got a nice 4.1 miles in. It was the perfect run with the wind on our backs for the first half and then running into the wind on the way back. I got to get out of my head and push myself through that wind. I felt great pushing through it all and increasing my pace.

I got home and iced my foot for quite a while. Though it hurts like crazy this morning. It will be an easy run this afternoon with Dud. Try to relax my foot a little bit. I have inserts in my shoes today so hopefully the extra support will help.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things to buy

Well after teaching only 2 lessons and two team meetings I headed off to the mall. Teehee I took a half day today because I had my lovely yearly dr's appointment. I hit up the Strawberry store after noticing a nice shirt Hey Hey was wearing the other day. Well I do not have a long enough upper body to pull those tops off. It just ends up having lots of material bunched up at the shoulders. So I moved on to Borders, so tempting to buy yet another book (I also had a 33% off coupon in my purse saying USE ME!). But I stayed strong an walked out. But I can't say the same for the coupon for Old Navy in my purse. I found an awesome sweatshirt that is fitting and goes passed my behind. It works perfect with leggings. But one of those outfits that I will NOT wear to school. Too comfy! Also found another top that goes with leggings that I just might wear tomorrow! Total spent: $12.47!!!! Whoohoo major savings!

Well because I did not buy a book I had to find one to read since I have read every book in the house once or a million times. So I headed to the Library (yes the same one that I visited yesterday!) to find a book. I headed right to the Young Adult section, yes I love their books! I found Diary of a Wimpy kid and dove right into the book. I read 100 pages before it was time to head to the Dr's. By the way I already finished the book before I started writing this. Good thing I got the second book as well!!

Well the Dr's was OK. I found out that he isn't too confident about me being on this medication too much longer. Sad fact....he said I am on a losing battle. Major side effect is weight gain and I have gained 10pounds in the 2 years I have been on the meds. I have been running more now than I was. So he said I should start considering going off the meds. Also it has major effects on your bone density. I NEVER EAT ENOUGH CALCIUM!! So it is time to start adding A LOTEven if I go off the meds he said I have to eat twice as much to rebuild my bones. Ugh, so going to be buying almonds, sesame seeds, broccoli (even though Bri won't eat it), and maybe drinking chocolate milk in the AM LOL.

Workout today: left arch is really sensitive and has been for days. I do not want to try to do Zumba on it today. I will be icing it during Biggest Loser.
more to my daily snacks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Uh Oh!

Well I was so bummed about the race on Saturday that I was ready to run in the rain today. Thankfully it stopped before my run. So I got out there and started off quick right off the bat. Well now for the embarrassing part....ever get into a run and then everything in your belly starts moving? Well not even a mile into the run I was running into the Public Library towards the bathroom. Thank goodness I was passing it right at that moment! Anyways....after a brief break I got right back out there. I ran a loop with a mix of flat and hills. Ended up doing 3.5 in 28:26 (8:07 pace). Lets just say now I know why my belly was even more upset and I was speeding home after that. It def. wasn't healthy to run all the anger out at once. It just made me feel worse! I'm now chugging a nice big nalgene bottle of Gatorade to hydrate myself.

Tomorrow will be zumba (probably here at home since I have another Dr's appt). No more angry runs just fun and focused!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post race grumps

Well, Saturday was a bust for me because I let the STUPID course win again. Truly it wasn't horrible. I got 3rd overall female and everyone else did awesome as well. I just didn't push through that last mile at all. I worked so hard last summer to push harder the second half and I have gotten out of that. Didn't help it was one solid wall of wind for the first half mile and the last mile. I was in my head since Friday about that race and just got defeated. I have to try so much harder to get out. But to help myself along I coached 2 8yr olds through the last mile. Tried to help them beat a family friend (A guy my age!) The SIL Hey Hey helped them through mile 1-2 with side stitches. I knew that course so well and couldn't stop talking and thinking about the darn wind. I can't get away from it and it will continue to be an issue for the next 2-3 races. So I will be getting back out there during the week day runs and practicing pacing first half and running into wind the second half and pushing through it.

I also get very defeated when I am the one getting passed. No matter who it is (2 8yr olds) I don't push to stay with them I have just been saying oh well and give up.....ugh. OK no more pitty party. I didn't even want to comment on the race. But learn from it and hopefully use it to dig harder at the next race.

Great JOB HEY HEY, ROB, Manda, Joe, Mister, DUD and Ella for an awesome start to the new season! It is always so much fun when everyone comes out and joins the crazy runners!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Finally!! The vote is over now off to the school board. Finally!!! PSSA is over. It was a rough day today. Hard questions that I thought for sure that they would be confident to answer. A little shaky across the fourth grade.
Now a nice healthy CHEESE STEAK for lunch LOL gotta love ordering out! (By the way, not healthy!)

Workout yesterday, a nice walk at our lunch break. Got 20minutes in with ladies from work. Hopefully getting another walk in today. It is beautiful out! Getting my legs a little rest up for the race this weekend. Today is an easy family run after school then a nice family dinner. The Bambino (Ella) is here for the race weekend as well.

Have a great weekend! Get out and enjoy the fresh air!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pre Race planning

Workout last night was a nice semi quiet run with SIL Heather and Dud. We ran the bike path and I was either too tired to talk or too focused on everything happening at school I couldn't even vent. Once we turned around I figured out what was missing from the run. WIND!! Good old wind. It should be just as lovely on Saturday at the race. We did 3.8 in 31:28 a very good run. Especially since I wasn't moving with my mouth. Though it was really nice to be running with someone.

Oh YEA Happy St. Patty's Day. I bought Shamrock shakes after the run last night and found green coconut snowballs to enjoy. It was a good thing I took care of it all yesterday because Brian will not be around today. He is off to Philly to pick up his BFF!! It will be a fun fun weekend. I might be spending time at walmart and Kmart and such if they are at the house LOL. Just kidding they aren't bad I just like to give them space. Last time I snuggled up with a good book for an entire afternoon!!

Well voting on the contract this afternoon. I am sure the teachers will vote yes but I am very unsure about the Paraprofessionals. The talk in the hallways is that they aren't for this agreement. Can we just get over this already???!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yesterday was a messed up day! I was all ready to go to Zumba here at school and avoid an union meeting. But after lots of thinking I knew I should attend the meeting. We are negotiating our contract. At my last school the contract business didn't affect me directly. This time around it does therefore it was a good idea that I went.

So...I used Zumba Wii after dinner and did awesome. I completed the Intermediate 45 minutes Night Club. I got 2 bonus rounds and got a score of 559!! That is soooo hard to do with no hips!! I am still trying to find tricks to get points in the belly dancing. YES YES I cheat but I am still moving my body so in the end it is a plus :)

Well another day of PSSA- reading today! No clue what the Professional development is though LOL its a bunch of dog poo anyways.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rest day

Yesterday was the longest roughest day of watching the kids finally start the PSSA. First test...Math. One 4th grade boy cried because he had no clue what to do and of course I am only allowed to reread the question to him or help with words he can't read. I couldn't direct him in the right direction at all. That only made him cry harder. It is so hard...harder than a marathon when you are restricted in your job, the state has control over your job security based on what you say to a child. IF I had said anything that lead him to solve the answer I could of lost my job. I had to let him cry. UGH!!!!! The afternoon was reading and went much better. They were all prepared, used their strategies and got through in no time!

After school I left 5 mins early to get to a hair appt....time to dye it up! The hairdresser finally said to me...Sarah? Are you with me? You are zoning out! I was so exhausted from watching the kids test that I couldn't even hold a conversation with her! So I got me errands done quickly and headed home. I crashed on the couch and watched House and Kardashins then hit the bed. No running or anything for me yesterday!

Woke up ready to go today! Kubbi (my cat) was waiting patiently for me on the night stand. It was a good day until I spilled my soda in the air vent. Bad idea to put a fountain drink on a car with frost on slide down and started to leak under the hood. No clue what it will do. Hoping for some rain to clean it up! Now Math again today then In-service yipppppeee. Zumba after school then a visit with Jillian Michaels level 2 Ripped!!


Ever been told you can't help a student??

YES! It tore my heart apart!

Have you ever spilled a drink on your car and did it get hurt?

Yes and not sure yet.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Ever feel like "OK, I said I was going to do a long run today so get off you butt and get it done" Yea well I had to really talk myself into that 5.3miles yesterday. It started off good 8:15ish pace. Then it all went down hill when I turned around. Actually it went up and against the wind. I didn't even realize it was windy until I turned around. Where I was running is a lot of open fields to and all alone so there was no chance of getting away from it. So I powered through it and just went for the miles not the time. So as soon as I got home I passed out on the couch. By the way I am allowed to because Brian is sleeping so I should be able to as well.

Then I made some awesome steak wraps for dinner. Then to motivate myself to be able to have ice dream for desert I tried out Jillian Michaels Six week Six pack. Oh does she ever kick your butt in that one. Not feeling too bad yet but I am sure I will.

Now it is a full day of PSSA testing with 4th grade. Say a little prayer that the kids and I have the amount of rest, full bellies and knowledge to get through this!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well the week caught up to me today. Our friends came over last night to "borrow" our wifi and were here until 11:30....way past my bedtime. Then because they were here our cat hid out for hours and didn't get her play on. Therefore come 3am she was rearing to go. SO I found the laser and half asleep I ran it all over the bedroom. I eventually fell back asleep with the laser in my hand. I repeated this process again at 5am and 8am.

So I did not get up and do any Zumba this morning. After a few errands I was ready for a good nap. I curled up in bed with my book and some music for an hour or so.

Purchased the Six Week six pack by Jillian Michaels today!! I am excited to add that to the workouts! If there is one place that is absolutely out of shape on me it is my stomach! I stood in front of a mirror the other day to practice run. I was trying to see how much I use my arms and twist my core....I don't move at all!! So running isn't helping my core at all. So I turn to JM for help!

Tomorrow I am hoping to get 5-6 miles in and hoping it is nice weather for two days in a row.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh what a day it was yesterday! The rain just wouldn't stop and the snow kept on melting. We have so much water going to the pond I can hear it all the way up at the house! Still no sign of any deer though. It has been almost 3 weeks since I have seen any. I think the neighbor lady put them all in a barn!

Workouts yesterday included a wonderful hour of Zumba. Did a few of my favorites, La Vida Loca, Walk it Out and now a new cowboy one! I love it when she uses songs we can actually sing to! Then after an interesting almost failed dinner (that came out of the freezer) Amanda came over and we did Ripped in 3o by Jillian Michaels. It was much better this time around and we both weren't as shaky at the end!! Hopefully I will start seeing the hard work show up in my abs! I think I will look for the other DVD she has out that is all abs and mix it up. Today is an easy easy day ( I whispered that in Manda's ear) so we know going into it that it is to be flat and short!! LOL

As far as dinner goes, I love stir fry from a bag. They used to have these really good ones that made a lot. All you had to do was add either chicken or shrimp. Now you can't find that brand. I got one and it was Orange chicken (which I assumed was tangy WRONG spicy!!). Ok so I start cooking the chicken, I'm flipping but next thing I know it is burnt!!!! Thankfully Brian will eat it! I need major cooking help!

PS wasn't pleasant to have in the belly when doing JM!!

Last day before PSSA's doing games and pep rallies today to get them FIRED UP!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick Post!

Well another rainy day today! Good thing it is a Zumba day! Feeling a little sore from Jillian Michaels last night. I tried to use 10 pound weights with a few of the exercises. I think I need to buy some 5 pound weights since I only own 3 pounds and 10 pounds!

I am excited about my healthy lunch I have packed today!! Really I have a salad!!! I am trying but I am not good at being a healthy eater. I need lessons on how to shop smart and buy healthy foods. If it isn't cheap I don't buy it!!

Slow day today lots of things canceled due to assemblies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Run down

Well the day was quite eventful! The students showed me their best today! I pray they are ready for the PSSA's next week. It is hard to keep your stress in so it doesn't transfer onto the students. But I believe in them, they have worked so hard this year!

Another thing I learned today was the fate of the staff of our building. Due to the budget we are not hiring new teachers to replace those who are retiring. Instead they are taking six classes and making them into five. YIKES!! Then they are moving a learning support teacher from other building to ours. DRAMA!! THEN......two of the first grade teachers that are of the six classes now will have to move. They have no clue if they are going to second grade or some place completely different! I am so happy I am not in all of that mess.....for now. Job security stinks in education!!!

Though I got a good run in this afternoon. Three miles at the park in 24:44 (8:15 pace). Hoping I will be able to do at least that at the 5k next weekend. Still going to do Jillian Micheals in a half hour after my very healthy dinner (frozen pizza) settles. I really need cooking help!

Now it is time to relax, get workout 2 in, then settle in for some IDOL!!!


What is your next race that you have planned?

March Madness 5k

What are some problems that happen at your job?

DRAMA and rumors!!

Day 1!

Hello all! This is the first day of blogging. I am a Teacher in PA and a lover of running! I do Zumba and started to do Jillian Micheals DVD's. I follow other blogs by runners and love to read about their workouts and what they eat! Hopefully I can share the same with all of you!


What do you do to cross train?

Zumba and Jillian Micheals!

What is your favorite healthy recipe?

HA! I don't know anything healthy just easy and quick! Help me out with some good suggestions!