Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grumpy Pants

Yesterday Dud and I stayed on flat roads and got in 3.18 miles in. We hit one road with a hill but he MADE me stop. He knew I would power through the pain and not care. By mile 2 my leg was all warmed up and stretched out. I still made sure as soon as I got home I got some ice on it. It has moved up to my achellies. It isn't as bad as when it was in my arch.

After conquring the waffle maker for the first time Bri got his chicken and waffles and I enjoyed just waffles and butter. I am not a gravy person at all!!

I decided that I could be doing something a lot better then eating an entire bag of jelly beans around 7pm. So I popped in Six week Six pack by Jillian Micheals.

She won yet again. I have to do this more than once a week!! I feel it today and glad that I can because I always worry that I am not doing it right.

I got really grumpy after the workout. I got thinking about how the dr. said I had gained 10 pounds even with the increase of mileage preparing for the marathon we did in January. Now I have been trying to do more cross training and Jillian Micheals. I am questioning whether to continue with the shot. Hmmmm....so I am wearing a big pair of grumpy pants and I can't bust out of them. Need to call my dr. and get his opinion about whether to stay where I am at for another year or move on. Ugh...Manda and I might be putting our heads together with a plan to help each other out. I am sure my amount of processed food through out the week isn't helping me at all.

Zumba tonight!! Hoping there isn't that guy there...he ruins my chance to booty shake!!

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