Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Run down

Well the day was quite eventful! The students showed me their best today! I pray they are ready for the PSSA's next week. It is hard to keep your stress in so it doesn't transfer onto the students. But I believe in them, they have worked so hard this year!

Another thing I learned today was the fate of the staff of our building. Due to the budget we are not hiring new teachers to replace those who are retiring. Instead they are taking six classes and making them into five. YIKES!! Then they are moving a learning support teacher from other building to ours. DRAMA!! THEN......two of the first grade teachers that are of the six classes now will have to move. They have no clue if they are going to second grade or some place completely different! I am so happy I am not in all of that mess.....for now. Job security stinks in education!!!

Though I got a good run in this afternoon. Three miles at the park in 24:44 (8:15 pace). Hoping I will be able to do at least that at the 5k next weekend. Still going to do Jillian Micheals in a half hour after my very healthy dinner (frozen pizza) settles. I really need cooking help!

Now it is time to relax, get workout 2 in, then settle in for some IDOL!!!


What is your next race that you have planned?

March Madness 5k

What are some problems that happen at your job?

DRAMA and rumors!!

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