Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lazy Day

Today I got blood work done, all routine with epilepsy. Gotta make sure those drugs go where they are supposed to and not harm anything. Love seeing some drugs I used to take in those commercials to call a lawyer if you took them while pregnant. I know I will some day go off them if I do decide to have a family naturally. But until then sticking to the routine and praying that everything stays O.K.
Just getting things done around the house now...laundry and such. Icing my foot again to make sure I stay ahead of the pain. Good thing I have a bit of time before my next race. Dud and I did 1.88 yesterday just trying to loosen up after a hard workout the day before. We ended up doing it at an 8:15 pace. Pushing it for an easy day. OOPS was what I said...Dud said the GPS must of miscalculated the distance LOL.

Had a lovely surprise when I got home from my blood work. Dud came over and brought donuts. I am so in love with donuts!!! I ate one and bagged up the other one for a treat later on :) Self control today!

Got a post last night that put me in check. LeLe reminded me of an inservice we actually had. This is a public post and I am a teacher. Last thing I want is to say something that could harm my job. The state and federal government are already doing a great job at scaring everyone with budget cuts. It is hard to keep your feelings in check at times and I blurted them out very loudly yesterday. I apologize and I will make sure that I am also very professional here like I am at school no matter how frustrating other teachers make me feel. I run to take that all out and I run with family so I can talk it out as well. Trust me I truly believe a fast paced easy run is result of my mouth moving to fast! I love you LeLe!!

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Faithful Leigh said...

I love you, too!!!! :) Vent on, you can make it PRIVATE or friends only like mine. I only put things up that I don't care who sees on my blogger site. Livejournal is where I really let loose. :P