Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things to buy

Well after teaching only 2 lessons and two team meetings I headed off to the mall. Teehee I took a half day today because I had my lovely yearly dr's appointment. I hit up the Strawberry store after noticing a nice shirt Hey Hey was wearing the other day. Well I do not have a long enough upper body to pull those tops off. It just ends up having lots of material bunched up at the shoulders. So I moved on to Borders, so tempting to buy yet another book (I also had a 33% off coupon in my purse saying USE ME!). But I stayed strong an walked out. But I can't say the same for the coupon for Old Navy in my purse. I found an awesome sweatshirt that is fitting and goes passed my behind. It works perfect with leggings. But one of those outfits that I will NOT wear to school. Too comfy! Also found another top that goes with leggings that I just might wear tomorrow! Total spent: $12.47!!!! Whoohoo major savings!

Well because I did not buy a book I had to find one to read since I have read every book in the house once or a million times. So I headed to the Library (yes the same one that I visited yesterday!) to find a book. I headed right to the Young Adult section, yes I love their books! I found Diary of a Wimpy kid and dove right into the book. I read 100 pages before it was time to head to the Dr's. By the way I already finished the book before I started writing this. Good thing I got the second book as well!!

Well the Dr's was OK. I found out that he isn't too confident about me being on this medication too much longer. Sad fact....he said I am on a losing battle. Major side effect is weight gain and I have gained 10pounds in the 2 years I have been on the meds. I have been running more now than I was. So he said I should start considering going off the meds. Also it has major effects on your bone density. I NEVER EAT ENOUGH CALCIUM!! So it is time to start adding A LOTEven if I go off the meds he said I have to eat twice as much to rebuild my bones. Ugh, so going to be buying almonds, sesame seeds, broccoli (even though Bri won't eat it), and maybe drinking chocolate milk in the AM LOL.

Workout today: nothing....my left arch is really sensitive and has been for days. I do not want to try to do Zumba on it today. I will be icing it during Biggest Loser.
more to my daily snacks.

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