Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning

Do you know how much I love my reality TV!! I got a big dose of it last night and still smiling from it. Well it started off with AMazing Race (so wish to do that some day but sure my Nasty SB would come out at some point so I won't). One of my fav. teams Margie and Luke were sent home. Luke is Deaf and tries so hard. He easily gets upset when he is at a challenge too long and is the last team. He cried so hard this time around that even the Indian men working the challenge felt bad. Once he finally finished it the Indian men ran to him and all hugged him and tried to lift him up! I was crying right along with them all. I was sad to see them go because they work so hard. Next up was Kardashians!! Oh how I love their drama! Kortney was one One Life to Live and did awesome!! I wish I had their life and had room service every meal. Then it was Holly's World. Oh did I cry so hard with this one!! Josh, Holly's friend found his birth mother and met the rest of his family. He was crying and so was everyone else. It was awesome to see a closed adoption work out! No soreness this morning. Hoping it last the day and get a run in at some point. Hey Hey let me know if you read this if you are running!!

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