Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long Run Sunday

Well after being a bum on the couch for the ENTIRE morning I was glad to see Manda and Dud were planning a long run. I quickly jumped up and asked to join them. i was a great 6.47 mostly flat with two gradual hills (very tiny when not hurting). Once we got 2-3 miles in my foot/leg was not hurting it just took some time to get it warmed up. I wore some layers so I got warm quick. We finished in 57mins. That is very good since Manda and I haven't done any long runs since the marathon! I'm excited to get back into it and get ready for the 15miler.

I did not eat very well leading up to the run though. Toaster strudel for breakfast and then no lunch. I came right home and drank a whole Nalgen bottle of Gatorade . Bri and I made hot dogs over the wood fire. They were delicious. We are def. ready for camp fires again.

Now it is time to watch Amazing race and ice my foot/leg. Hoping it isn't really mad at me in the morning for doing a long run.

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