Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pre Race planning

Workout last night was a nice semi quiet run with SIL Heather and Dud. We ran the bike path and I was either too tired to talk or too focused on everything happening at school I couldn't even vent. Once we turned around I figured out what was missing from the run. WIND!! Good old wind. It should be just as lovely on Saturday at the race. We did 3.8 in 31:28 a very good run. Especially since I wasn't moving with my mouth. Though it was really nice to be running with someone.

Oh YEA Happy St. Patty's Day. I bought Shamrock shakes after the run last night and found green coconut snowballs to enjoy. It was a good thing I took care of it all yesterday because Brian will not be around today. He is off to Philly to pick up his BFF!! It will be a fun fun weekend. I might be spending time at walmart and Kmart and such if they are at the house LOL. Just kidding they aren't bad I just like to give them space. Last time I snuggled up with a good book for an entire afternoon!!

Well voting on the contract this afternoon. I am sure the teachers will vote yes but I am very unsure about the Paraprofessionals. The talk in the hallways is that they aren't for this agreement. Can we just get over this already???!!!!

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