Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well the week caught up to me today. Our friends came over last night to "borrow" our wifi and were here until 11:30....way past my bedtime. Then because they were here our cat hid out for hours and didn't get her play on. Therefore come 3am she was rearing to go. SO I found the laser and half asleep I ran it all over the bedroom. I eventually fell back asleep with the laser in my hand. I repeated this process again at 5am and 8am.

So I did not get up and do any Zumba this morning. After a few errands I was ready for a good nap. I curled up in bed with my book and some music for an hour or so.

Purchased the Six Week six pack by Jillian Michaels today!! I am excited to add that to the workouts! If there is one place that is absolutely out of shape on me it is my stomach! I stood in front of a mirror the other day to practice run. I was trying to see how much I use my arms and twist my core....I don't move at all!! So running isn't helping my core at all. So I turn to JM for help!

Tomorrow I am hoping to get 5-6 miles in and hoping it is nice weather for two days in a row.

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