Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh what a day it was yesterday! The rain just wouldn't stop and the snow kept on melting. We have so much water going to the pond I can hear it all the way up at the house! Still no sign of any deer though. It has been almost 3 weeks since I have seen any. I think the neighbor lady put them all in a barn!

Workouts yesterday included a wonderful hour of Zumba. Did a few of my favorites, La Vida Loca, Walk it Out and now a new cowboy one! I love it when she uses songs we can actually sing to! Then after an interesting almost failed dinner (that came out of the freezer) Amanda came over and we did Ripped in 3o by Jillian Michaels. It was much better this time around and we both weren't as shaky at the end!! Hopefully I will start seeing the hard work show up in my abs! I think I will look for the other DVD she has out that is all abs and mix it up. Today is an easy easy day ( I whispered that in Manda's ear) so we know going into it that it is to be flat and short!! LOL

As far as dinner goes, I love stir fry from a bag. They used to have these really good ones that made a lot. All you had to do was add either chicken or shrimp. Now you can't find that brand. I got one and it was Orange chicken (which I assumed was tangy WRONG spicy!!). Ok so I start cooking the chicken, I'm flipping but next thing I know it is burnt!!!! Thankfully Brian will eat it! I need major cooking help!

PS wasn't pleasant to have in the belly when doing JM!!

Last day before PSSA's doing games and pep rallies today to get them FIRED UP!!!

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