Friday, March 25, 2011

Sore day

TGIF yet again. Thank goodness for a fast week. Though my foot is still killing me I made it through two workouts yesterday. I did Zumba here at school and could sorta feel my foot. It started moving up into the back of my ankle by the end. Which to my surprise there was a guy at Zumba. Let me say WEIRD!! I can not get my booty shake on with a guy in the room! So if he continues to come on Thursday I may not go back.

Then afterwards I went right home changed into running clothes and heading over to the ball park to meet up with Dud and Manda. We got a nice 4.1 miles in. It was the perfect run with the wind on our backs for the first half and then running into the wind on the way back. I got to get out of my head and push myself through that wind. I felt great pushing through it all and increasing my pace.

I got home and iced my foot for quite a while. Though it hurts like crazy this morning. It will be an easy run this afternoon with Dud. Try to relax my foot a little bit. I have inserts in my shoes today so hopefully the extra support will help.

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