Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rest day

Yesterday was the longest roughest day of watching the kids finally start the PSSA. First test...Math. One 4th grade boy cried because he had no clue what to do and of course I am only allowed to reread the question to him or help with words he can't read. I couldn't direct him in the right direction at all. That only made him cry harder. It is so hard...harder than a marathon when you are restricted in your job, the state has control over your job security based on what you say to a child. IF I had said anything that lead him to solve the answer I could of lost my job. I had to let him cry. UGH!!!!! The afternoon was reading and went much better. They were all prepared, used their strategies and got through in no time!

After school I left 5 mins early to get to a hair appt....time to dye it up! The hairdresser finally said to me...Sarah? Are you with me? You are zoning out! I was so exhausted from watching the kids test that I couldn't even hold a conversation with her! So I got me errands done quickly and headed home. I crashed on the couch and watched House and Kardashins then hit the bed. No running or anything for me yesterday!

Woke up ready to go today! Kubbi (my cat) was waiting patiently for me on the night stand. It was a good day until I spilled my soda in the air vent. Bad idea to put a fountain drink on a car with frost on it....it slide down and started to leak under the hood. No clue what it will do. Hoping for some rain to clean it up! Now Math again today then In-service yipppppeee. Zumba after school then a visit with Jillian Michaels level 2 Ripped!!


Ever been told you can't help a student??

YES! It tore my heart apart!

Have you ever spilled a drink on your car and did it get hurt?

Yes and not sure yet.

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