Monday, March 21, 2011

Uh Oh!

Well I was so bummed about the race on Saturday that I was ready to run in the rain today. Thankfully it stopped before my run. So I got out there and started off quick right off the bat. Well now for the embarrassing part....ever get into a run and then everything in your belly starts moving? Well not even a mile into the run I was running into the Public Library towards the bathroom. Thank goodness I was passing it right at that moment! Anyways....after a brief break I got right back out there. I ran a loop with a mix of flat and hills. Ended up doing 3.5 in 28:26 (8:07 pace). Lets just say now I know why my belly was even more upset and I was speeding home after that. It def. wasn't healthy to run all the anger out at once. It just made me feel worse! I'm now chugging a nice big nalgene bottle of Gatorade to hydrate myself.

Tomorrow will be zumba (probably here at home since I have another Dr's appt). No more angry runs just fun and focused!

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