Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post race grumps

Well, Saturday was a bust for me because I let the STUPID course win again. Truly it wasn't horrible. I got 3rd overall female and everyone else did awesome as well. I just didn't push through that last mile at all. I worked so hard last summer to push harder the second half and I have gotten out of that. Didn't help it was one solid wall of wind for the first half mile and the last mile. I was in my head since Friday about that race and just got defeated. I have to try so much harder to get out. But to help myself along I coached 2 8yr olds through the last mile. Tried to help them beat a family friend (A guy my age!) The SIL Hey Hey helped them through mile 1-2 with side stitches. I knew that course so well and couldn't stop talking and thinking about the darn wind. I can't get away from it and it will continue to be an issue for the next 2-3 races. So I will be getting back out there during the week day runs and practicing pacing first half and running into wind the second half and pushing through it.

I also get very defeated when I am the one getting passed. No matter who it is (2 8yr olds) I don't push to stay with them I have just been saying oh well and give up.....ugh. OK no more pitty party. I didn't even want to comment on the race. But learn from it and hopefully use it to dig harder at the next race.

Great JOB HEY HEY, ROB, Manda, Joe, Mister, DUD and Ella for an awesome start to the new season! It is always so much fun when everyone comes out and joins the crazy runners!!!

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