Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yesterday was a messed up day! I was all ready to go to Zumba here at school and avoid an union meeting. But after lots of thinking I knew I should attend the meeting. We are negotiating our contract. At my last school the contract business didn't affect me directly. This time around it does therefore it was a good idea that I went.

So...I used Zumba Wii after dinner and did awesome. I completed the Intermediate 45 minutes Night Club. I got 2 bonus rounds and got a score of 559!! That is soooo hard to do with no hips!! I am still trying to find tricks to get points in the belly dancing. YES YES I cheat but I am still moving my body so in the end it is a plus :)

Well another day of PSSA- reading today! No clue what the Professional development is though LOL its a bunch of dog poo anyways.

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