Tuesday, August 30, 2011

View on giveaways

Morning all....first day of school with kids today! I will just be walking around saying hi and checking in on some kids. I don't actually start working with any until next week. So just getting more paperwork done to get ready for beginning of the year reading assessments.

Ok on to something that bothers me. I LOVE entering givweaways. I have actually won 2 so far. That being said that last 4-5 giveaways I have viewed I can not enter because I do not have facebook. I will be honest I used to have it and it didn't go well so I am no longer on it. I completely understand the Liking the product and how that helps them out. But when it is mandandory I can not enter the gievaway. I really like the looks of lots of the giveaways so please know when I don't enter yours it is for other reasons.

I also completely understand I am probably the 2% of the blog world that does not have facebook. I jsut felt the need to share because I am bummed I can't enter so many of the great giveaways out there.

QOTD: Do you remember how you felt the first day of school as a kid? Were you a kid who ran in and was fine the first day of kinder or did you need your parent to walk you all the way in?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer what?

I soaked in the rest day like it was the last day of summer.....oh wait that's right I am back to work tomorrow!

Where did my summer go??

Ahh yes.....the new little one in the family. I lost lots of sleep with this one!! But she now can stand up for herself against thunderbeast so she is on her own tomorrow!!

Lots of time with the other little ones......Yea Beans I am talking to you!

These three are too cute! But got lots of time with all of them too!

Finally...lots of my time went to RUNNING. I did several virtual 5ks and enjoyed using them as training runs. I have also reached my taper in my marathon training. Now it is time to get a few more quality runs in as I settle into the new school year. The next month hopefully goes better than most first months of school as a reading teacher. Hopefully I am with kids by next Monday and with little or no issues with classroom teachers.

QOTD: Where did your summer go?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

20miles Skinny Runner style

Workout.....I kept saying it can be "ugly nasty and slow" just get it D.O.N.E thanks to hearing Skinny Runner say this I got it done.

20miles in 3hours and 14mins!!! (I ran 20miles back in Dec in 3hr25mins!!)

I wish I knew how to get my elevation map on here because it is crazy. I guess I live at 1,200 feet and I ended at 500 feet in town!

But a look at my splits and I hit a slow button around mile 17. I also had run out of water and was trying to get off the bikepath and to a drinking fountain. I WAS THIRSTY! So I slowed down.

But I ran 20miles in Dec. and I clearly remember struggling through that and had a stretch with no water (I ate an icicle off a cliff). I ran today and my legs never gave up on me, my mind never gave in and I set a time goal and beat it! I.WILL.TAKE.IT.

So now that my run is done before Irene hits I can relax and let it rain..whenever it starts.

Oh and watch Little League World Series. I literally only missed maybe 1 or 2 games on TV that is. With 30,000plus people at a game that equals a headache of traffic. But I am so proud of our PA team they were amazing! CA is a really good team and made it an even better game and they held on to only 2 runs.

Have you compared runs before that are months apart? Dailymile or LOGYOURRUN?

LLWS: CA or Billings, MO

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unplanned rest day

Workout......not what I planned. Rest.

Last night Bri stayed home sick from work. I did the best I could to make sure he was comfy. Made him Mrs. Grass soup, got him gatorade, and let him have the couch. He didn't start feeling better until this afternoon. Unfortunately I started feeling icky. This morning I waited until he got up and ate breakfast until I got around to run errands. I took my seizure meds about 30mins after breakfast (will come back to this). He seemed ok to leave so I did the recycling and donated our old TV.

When I got back I started feeling weird. My whole face was tingling and my tongue tasted like metal. I told Bri and kept trying to do my cleaning. After about an hour I had to lay down. I have had this happen before. I have learned with my meds that if I eat wrong or not enough or take my meds too late after eating this happens. The thing is though it takes me out for awhile. I don't know what to do to get me back in the game.

I had to call the other teachers to let them know I couldn't make it to our Library night tonight too because I didn't want to drive like this.

So....here I am sitting on the couch and not at work. I have tried to eat about a million different things to see if it helps. I had salad, crackers, cheese, gatorade, soda, lots of water but still the same. So waiting this out...hopefully sleep tonight will help out. Then I can get up in the AM and get my run in. This is my last week of training then I have my taper.

QOTD: Ever had a tingly face or tongue tasting like metal?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Auria headphones

Workout today...rest from the "eh...don't want to talk about it just want to move on from it" half marathon yesterday.

A while back I won a pair of Auria Headphones from Marisa @ The Pace of My Life. I was able to choose what color I wanted. I went with the black and pink Exceed pair since my shuffle is pink!

These headphones come with different earbuds to help fit all size ears. I tried a few of them out and ended up choosing the conical size. I have very odd earholes I guess.
They also come with a nice bag and the volume can be adjusted from the headphones.

I have not run with them yet since I have only done my half marathon since I received them but I will try them out tomorrow!

Thanks Marisa!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Racewalking in pics and times

Ok all....here are the proof that yes I took up racewalking while injured in college. My college coach competed in the olympic trials for years and taught a few on the track team how to officially racewalk. OK OK...so yes there are rules and judges throughout that will hold up little flags for several different things. Rule one....can not have both feet off the ground at once (running) also called loss of contact. Rule two...the advancing leg has to be straight all the way from contact until it is under you. Shown in the pic below. This is also whats causing the beautiful hip popping look!

These pictures are from the NYS Empire State games in 2003. I had to qualify first at a race done in Rochester to represent my county. I won for my county and then placed 6th at the actual games. My time for the 5k racewalk done along the water leading to the Niagara Falls was 31:20 (10:06pace).

I also found results from a 10k I did in Ohio where I clearly remember collapsing at the finish line because it was a lot of times around the track! 10k in 61:55 (10min pace)

I also competed at the 2003 Penn Relays where I had an awesome time for a 5k of 28:32 (9:12pace) but placed 6 out of 6 LOL!

Finally I found my time from a 3000m race in Ohio that was 16:48 (so around 9 something pace LOL)

Ok so ....did I willingly tell people I did this sport..NO. Did I end up doing well...yes but I think there aren't too many to compete against. Have I done it since I left college...once i tried to see if I could beat the walking record at a race. I just missed getting it but I also hadn't racewalked in about 3years. Let me tell you it hurts!

That my friends was my hidden athletic secret!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Facts and Fitness Friday

I have some fitness facts that I have yet to share with you all so thought it would be the perfect time!

1. I ran XC in high school only because the soccer coach told me I can run but not play soccer. I started XC then and never looked back. Though I cried when I had to tell my dad I didn't make the soccer team....it took a year for him to accept that running was as exciting to watch as well!

2. I learned so much from my XC coach in High school I still am in contact with him 11years later.

3. My doctor told me that the stress from running and the schedule I was on in high school contributed to me having seizures. My parents would not let me join the team my senior year. I gained 30pounds and went into depression. I went away to college met some girls on the track team and decided it was my choice now. I got a hold of the coach and walked on to the team. I told my parents after I was already on the team.

4. I had 3 different coaches during my time on the team in college. I got injured while running for each coach. The first injury I tore my quad and was on crutches for weeks. Next I got Plantar fasciitis. Lastly I had major IT band issues.

5. Here is the biggie.....to continue to exercise during the injuries I learned to race walk. Yup...the funny walking! I competed nationally and was ranked and everything. I raced in NYC, Philly, Niagara Falls, and Florida. Once I find some pics I will post them....they are quite hilarious!

QOTD: What are some of your fitness facts that you haven't shared yet??

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yearly Camping trip

prepare for a photo overload here! Even with all the rain we had and not allowed to swim we still had some good times.

I arrived at the campsite around 6:30 Sunday evening. I had spent my afternoon helping host a wedding shower for a beautiful amazing woman!! I headed to the site right after that. I had a 2 hour drive and didn't know what weather I would hit on the way there. I had called my folks and they said they were there and it was pouring. GREAT!

I did get two runs in while camping and only timed it didn't go for distance. I have a half marathon this weekend so I took it real easy after my 18miler last week.

Ok on to the trip in pics

This is water that you had to drive over to get into the campsite. It was pretty cool!

Henry only ate the middle of his smore! I found the graham cracker in the cup holder of the chair the next morning!

My Tuesday run I hit the trails going along the Gorges of Ithaca. I had this lovely view going up the gorge! (yes it was a long up hill I look dead!)

The hill I had a blast flying back down!Henry and Evie joined me on my run once I got back to the site. They did around a mile with me!Wednesday we found some more falls!

When it was raining we hit up the local science museum!

I was sitting on a swing at the other end of this that was lifting Evie up!

Since it was still raining at dinner time we opted out of cooking in the rain and found a Gluten Free Waffle place so my dad could eat out too. I had the Almond Joy....yummy! Almond butter, choc. syrup and coconut!

Well that is it! Now it is getting myself ready for my half this weekend and cleaning all my stuff from camping. Almost time to go back to work too! I had my first beginning of the year meeting this AM. WOW!! Time flies!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am home

...more to come with that.

Very quick post to say I made it home from my camping in the rain.

Happy Wednesday all!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Little League Baseball

Welcome Fitness Friday Blog Hop!

Let the games begin! So far today I have watched one little league game to see who will be traveling HERE next week! Yes that is right....who needs to watch the famous Little League World series when you live 6miles away!

I love this time of the year because a simple trip to Walmart equals learning new things about people. You get to see/meet players from all the teams from all over the world.

The game I am watching right now is actually a local team that is from 20mins from Williamsport, PA. So it is very exciting to see a local team trying to make it!

Little League is obviously a huge deal here but I personally think it gets ridiculous. Teachers I work with are at games for their children until 10pm on school nights!! These are 7yr olds sometimes. I can see with middle school high school kids MAYBE but not elementary kiddos. Now if and when I have children I will let them choose what sport they want to be in, I also enjoy watching baseball (kids play). But I still think it is A LOT for a kids sport.

Also..tid bit of info...I have only gone and watched one game ever at the Little League World Series in the six years I have lived here! I hate the traffic to get to the games so I watch mainly from home LOL!

QOTD: Do you watch Little League World Series? What do you think of little kids sports and how serious it gets at times?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long run CHECK!

5:45am start....4.25miles to meet up with Hey hey and Dud. Then they joined me for 6.4miles. Then I headed out to get 18miles total. GOT IT DONE!!

Now if only my stomach could have behaved I would have felt better on this run. I stopped 3 total times. My splits show the mile or two leading up to the potty stops were SLOW! But I couldn't pull over on a bike path so I had to keep going till the port-a-potty.

Speaking of the port-a-potty stop......ok 8am...in a SMALL park that rarely has people at it. I had 3 people try to come in on me!! The door doesn't latch shut either!!!! So the last time a guy drove up on a construction tractor and parked right outside the door. I jumped up and put my skirt on and bolted....well yea my skirt was so tucked into my shorts when I ran out! Eh oh well.

So now the rest of the day I am doing little things around the house, last day of tutoring, and getting the last few things for my camping trip. (weather forecast....RAIN. UGH) Main goal....keep my legs moving to prevent soreness!

QOTD: Port-a-potty dilemmas? Ever had someone try to bust down the door on you?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This week my runs have been really hard to get through. Yesterday I did my 5k for the Not Over the Hill Virtual 5k. I picked my driveway to be the hill. I ran at 2pm and it was trying to rain but didn't until about 30mins after I finished. I had to wait till 2pm because my stomach was very mad and I was visiting the potty every twenty minutes. Reason two why I didn't stray too far from home for my run. I did an out to the end of a near by road and back twice to run the hill twice. Here are some Hill pics for ya.My driveway is about .21 of a mile long and has different stages of up. I don't always run up it when I finish runs. But I try to do it as often as I can.

I was VERY sweaty once I finished.
I used this as a recovery run so I didn't push the pace too hard.

Today I was going to try to do 5-6miles. I woke up to MORE RAIN. So I went to work and decided to see how it was at noon when I finished work. Well at noon it was cloudy, a little windy and just barely raining. So I changed and headed out. Well .5mile into it the clouds disappeared and the wind was gone too. UGH! It got hot so fast. I was really wishing I didn't have a tshirt on but a tanktop. I ended up with a 9:26 pace for 3.6miles and had to walk a few times. I also found a great mountain to run up. I had to walk a block run a block method. I guess a subway sub and hour and half prior to a run is not good either! I felt heavy the whole run.

Hoping tomorrow is better...I will not be sleeping in this time. 5:30am here I come!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long run this weekend 10.2miles 1:30 5pm Humid 75 degrees.

I did my long run Saturday evening due to a huge long thunder storm in the AM. It was so scary that I ended up having two fur babies curled up on my lap. Kubbi (black and two year old) actually was under the blanket for most of the time. Ziva still isn't too fazed by it but still wanted to cuddle.
So Friday night Bri wanted to go to this tracor pull because he heard they had some good food. He really likes Cactus Tators and I LOVE funnel cakes. So we made the 10min drive over at 9pm to see what we could find. We hadn't had dinner yet so we were eating healthy LOL NOT! So this is a little kid pulling a a good old Tim the Tool Man lawn more! It was interesting and so Country chick like!

Also this weekend Ziva learned how to walk the beams. Then fall off the beams twice. Yes sounds scary but she is ok....Kubbi learned the same way...lots of tries and lots of falls.
So with my long run done I can relax today and catch up on Teen mom and grocery shopping.

QOTD: Do you do and country chick things? Share I love new ideas!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Tid Bits

1. I am halfway done with my purchases! I got the wedding shower and wedding gifts, Dad's Bday, and Baby shower gift done yesterday! Only Hey Hey's bday and Henry's bday gifts to go!!

2. I found Carb Boom Energy Gels on Running Warehouse for the best price out there and they are already being shipped!!! Might be here tomorrow!!! (Thanks Julia!)

3. My leg is hurting today. I have had my compression sock on since I rolled out of bed and said "OOOOUCH"! It is in my calf....almost the feeling you get when lactic acid builds up and it is exhausted. Thing is I haven't run since Tuesday. Plan on doing a 3mile run after tutoring this afternoon. Doing an easy route with little hills to see if it helps shake it out.

P.S. Go check out this Virtual 5k...."Not Over the Hill" I love this idea!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I finally made my decision and bought myself a gift (though I know family is willing to help with it)! I decided on the Garmin 410. After looking at lots of reviews of the 405 Bri did not like the reviews of the 405. Though it was big time on sale on Amazon the other day~ I love deals!! But I also want the garmin to be reliable. The reviews of the 410 was battery life. I am hoping that it will not give me any problems with my last few weeks of marathon training!

I have also been using Carb Boom energy gels prior to long runs lately. I really like them and have noticed that I have more energy right off the bat! Down side...I dont know anywhere to get them but online. I have them sitting in my cart on amazon at the moment. But it is a pack of 24 and I have no clue if I need that many. Anyone know if I can find these anywhere else??

It is going to be a busy Bday month as well as a wedding/baby shower month. My dad's bday is in 2 weeks and Hey Hey and I both Have bdays at the beginning of Sept. Then manda is getting married 9/10/11. LeLe also is having her baby shower in September. I have made my list and I am ready to hit the mall if not the online shopping for all of these!

QOTD: Do you have a time of year when there are lots of bdays?
I share my bday with 6 other family members and then 3 others have bday that same week!! My cousin is also expecting a baby on bday!! So exciting but lots of gift shopping!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Current Giveaways

Go check out The Athletarian Twistbands Giveaway!

Also The Pace of my Life Auria Headphones Giveaway!

Two awesome chances to win some great products!

Guest Interview

Last week I asked what people do to fuel for a long run. I got a few good responses and thought about it as I prepared. It wasn't my first 15miler that's for sure but I have bonked a few long runs before. Now I ran this run with my BF's family and I noticed that Manda was having a great run. As i was running I came up with the idea to interview her and find out exactly how she prepared!

What did you eat Thursday night for dinner?
Rotissary Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwhich with Wheat Thin Toasted Chips (handful) some gatorade and couple sips of a soda

How much sleep did you get Thursday night?
maybe 7 hours

What did you meals look like on Friday? How much water/gatorade did you try to drink?
Breakfast: Smoothie (almond milk, bananas, pineapple, peach, mixed berries, whey protein and flax seed) & coffee. Mid Morning snack: home rice krispe square & 2/3 of propel, Lunch hot dogs, sweet potato chips, small brownie glass of water, glass of gatorade (after run), OIP's Chicken parm and spaghetti with two glasses of water and some bread, small salad. And glass of gatorade when I am came home

How much sleep did you get Friday night?
About 7 hours

What did you eat prior to the run?
Granola Thin and some water

Did you eat/drink anything during the run?
couple swedish fish and one gel blast

Did you feel energized after taking the gel blasts?
the gel blast did really kick in for me to after I had stopped running ( i guess I waited too long to take it)

How many miles did you complete?
I completed 9 miles and then did another .5 to bring in my dad and SB at the "finish" (but the last .5 was just a jog)

Did you ever feel like you hit a wall?
Yes, I did hit a bit of a wall around 8.5

Ipod or no ipod when do you run better? I think I typically run better without an ipod if I am mentally prepared for the run, however I am not mentally prepared for the run the ipod helps keep me focused and not thinking of the negative thoughts.

Thanks a ton Manda!! I love running with Manda and the rest of the gang that call themselves Runs In the Family! I have known them for 7years and even though I am not officially a SIL I still get the title! Love you all!! Look forward to lots more runs where you can help me with my form when it falls apart after 6miles, tell me I need to slow my butt down, and laugh at me when I am a spaz! But you also teach me something every time we run!

QOTD: Do you run with others? Do they help you out with pace, form, hydration/fueling techniques, not being the only one to need a potty stop?