Monday, April 30, 2012

Last LR

So on my loosely NON-training schedule I have reached my last few days before my half marathon. Yes I did not want to plan too much for this race. I am still coming back from the stress fracture and I am no Emily when it comes to come backs! So I did the 10% increase from my 6week no running and built up to 13miles.

This past weekend I hit the riverwalk for a 9mile run. ( I did not want to be alone after another attempted abduction at our school so I sought out company) I met Amanda and Dud at the townhouse with a general plan in mind. Dud has had to bike since he has had some pretty bad pain in his knee after our last race. Amanda, who I am so proud of ran almost all the 9miles with me!!

I went out with a pace in mind of no faster than 9:15. Well let's say we felt good and were all over the place with our pace. We had a few 8:30's to 9:30s to average a 9:15pace. We stopped for drink breaks and for Dud to try to run a little. This was a great confidence booster run for me! I loved the company, even when we were all quiet. I tried out my new handheld water bottle for this run and loved it. If it is going to be warm like predicted on Saturday I will be using it again.

Here's to hoping to nice weather on Saturday!

QOTD: Do you race with a handheld? How far of a race is too short/long to carry a handheld?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finish Line online deal

Welcome everyone!

I have been shopping around for new sneakers for a week or so now. Last weekend I tried on the Asics Kayano 18 limited edition.

Today I went to my local running store hoping to try out the Brooks Ravenna and try the Kayano 18 on and compare. I left even more confused because I tried on a newer version of Brook's Adrenaline. I wear the 10's which I learned does not have the new DNA thingy in the support. I like the support a lot. The Ravenna's had less support and were lighter. But I am thinking I need the support even if the pay off is a little more weight to it. I also started to really rule out the Kayano because I can't find the limited edition here in PA and they are $150.

I got home and started checking out all the shoe discount websites I knew. Soon Bri joined me when I could only find shoes as cheap as $80. He soon found the Brook's Adrenaline for $49 at Finishline. He also found me the LETSRUN613 coupon and it was $10 off!! So I went all out and bought 3 pairs for the price of one pair of the Kayano's!! Plus look at the color!!

Check that deal out everyone it was awesome :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It will be my day to pace well

My two favorite things together....Dr. Seuss and running!

In honor of the hard half marathon I have coming up with hills! My mountain is waiting and I WILL kick its butt! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

This lady's 62nd bday!!

This weekend I went home to celebrate my moms bday!

We spent Saturday doing what girls do. My mom and I were up early and headed to the running store. She helped my check out new running shoes. I had a $15 off coupon but even with that as I said before I could not spend the money. So instead I got a handheld water bottle that only ended up being $5. Then my two sisters, niece, my mom and I met for lunch. It was delicious and my niece was adorable! 

After a busy day of us girls shopping we headed home to join the boys for a steak dinner on the grill. Though one boy decided to snore right through dinner! He woke up in time for cake though!

After cake my nephew was so wound after his major power nap! He had me put on a mask he made. I had the brilliant idea to send this text to Bri....I loved the response :) Love how we can scare him from 2hours away!

How was your weekend? Any family time?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Dream Shoe….

I have never worn Asics before but while at the local running store in Rochester they had me try these on as an option for distance runs. The Kayano 18 limited Edition…also know as the $150 dollar shoes that I can not justify buying when shoes don’t last long for me…But I put them on and they felt amazing. I jumped right on the treadmill and could not stop smiling! I asked the price and lost the smile. I looked online to see if I could find a deal….nope. Limited Edition means no budge on the price. So I am still on the hunt for a shoe to replace my Brooks infinities.


Other news with the local store Fleet Feet is that when I pulled up I noticed this out front…

photo (20)                                                                         

Then we walked in and there was a sign-in and a pile of keys on a table. How come I never knew about this??? Well I may take advantage of the key drop off and water when in Rochester this summer.

photo (21)(sorry I was trying to be sneaky so it is blurry)

Do you have dream shoes that you just can’t see paying that much for?? Where do you usually buy your shoes?

I usually get my Brook’s shoes from overstock or amazon bc I have small feet and can get last year’s model for about $50 or lower.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The LR where I almost poo'd myself

OK so that isn't true but I was scared out of my mind. Let's start back a few weeks ago....I posted this picture

I asked if anyone knew what is was and no one did. Thankfully Amanda, Robyn and Heather did not respond because they know exactly what it is. It is a gas company drill site out by their parents house. It by far not the only one with in a 25 mile radius of my house. This one is exactly 12 miles west of the cabin. There is another one in the other north of my house about 6miles away. So Those annoying white gas company trxuks and huge water trucks are constantly driving around the nearby roads.

Ok back to my run. I decide yesterday that based on the weather for the weekend and the fact I am going to NY to celebrate my Mom's Bday I would not get my 12miles in. So it was 76 degrees after school yesterday so I figured I would run out to Bri's parents house, which was where he was at for the evening. I knew it was risky with all the traffic and huge trucks and not brim on the road. But I love the route and it was gorgeous out.

I got going taking into account the temp and stayed in the 9min range. The first 5miles I may have been passed by 5 trucks and honk at by one. I was carrying a water bottle and planned if someone stopped I was going for their eyes. Yes, the whole time I was thinking about SUAR and Sherry.

I still do not own Mace or anything to carry while running so I planned on using the water bottle top. I had my phone on and the music off the entire time so I could hear ever vehicle. It wasn't until mile 8ish that a white gas truck passed me and came to a stop in the road. No one around and no houses either. I instantly increased my pace and grabbed the water bottle better. He leaned out his window and I screamed "WHAT?!" He said...."Excuse me do you know how to get to Water Company....."  Me " Yea keep driving 5 miles..." Well It was semi right. I did not tell him to turn right at the next bend and I did not know a bridge was out up ahead. So I think I got him lost even more but GOOD! I did not see him again. But when that truck stopped I about poo'd right then and there. But if that kept a criminal away I might have poo'd!

But I made it the whole run. Bri and I planned that he would start driving toward me so I didn't have to run the whole mile long up hill. I must have been cruising because I made it up the hill right as he got to the top. so I goot 11.7 miles in (yes just short of 12 but I am ok with that with all the hills) in 1:52 mins for a 9:35 pace.

Here are the hills!

16:4033:2050:0001:06:4001:23:2001:40:0004:0008:0012:0016:0020:0024:00Pace (min/mi)
2.557.5105006007008009001,0001,1001,200Elevation (ft)

Question: Has anyone stopped you and scared you when they stopped?