Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tid Bits

1. Hi all! I am finally back to school after a VERY long spring break. I have not had this many days off for spring break since high school in NY. It was due to the fact that we had NO snow days! I am actually glad to be back and get back into my routine. I was getting way too lazy. Plus....some part of my body that I will not mention out loud because I do not want it to be true was starting to bug me. Hopefully being back at work will help me walk it out.

2. I went to see my Dr. on Monday for a routine check up and I went in pissed off. I called about a  month ago with concerns about some side effects to the meds that I was having. It took 3 more calls and a week and a half for a nurse to get back to me that I need blood work done. So I got blood work done. Then I didn't hear a word form them. No results nothing. So I went in ready to blow up. So it starts, 

ask: any recent seizures? 
Me: NO
DR: any problems....
Me: um yes and I called you about them! 
Dr: Oh really? 
Me: YES! You had me get blood work done and I never heard any results....
Dr: he checks he chart..yes we called you says so right here. 
Me: Oh that's funny because NO ONE TALKED TO ME! So how were the results? 
Dr: Fine. 
Me: Well I am not feeling fine. 
Dr: he orders more blood work. 

WTF? So this time I plan on going to the gym and running prior to the blood work. To see if I have any issues this time. 

Anyone ever heard of sweating out the meds you take? That is what I found out on a discussion forum for epilepsy. 

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