Monday, April 30, 2012

Last LR

So on my loosely NON-training schedule I have reached my last few days before my half marathon. Yes I did not want to plan too much for this race. I am still coming back from the stress fracture and I am no Emily when it comes to come backs! So I did the 10% increase from my 6week no running and built up to 13miles.

This past weekend I hit the riverwalk for a 9mile run. ( I did not want to be alone after another attempted abduction at our school so I sought out company) I met Amanda and Dud at the townhouse with a general plan in mind. Dud has had to bike since he has had some pretty bad pain in his knee after our last race. Amanda, who I am so proud of ran almost all the 9miles with me!!

I went out with a pace in mind of no faster than 9:15. Well let's say we felt good and were all over the place with our pace. We had a few 8:30's to 9:30s to average a 9:15pace. We stopped for drink breaks and for Dud to try to run a little. This was a great confidence booster run for me! I loved the company, even when we were all quiet. I tried out my new handheld water bottle for this run and loved it. If it is going to be warm like predicted on Saturday I will be using it again.

Here's to hoping to nice weather on Saturday!

QOTD: Do you race with a handheld? How far of a race is too short/long to carry a handheld?


Becky at Prairie Runner said...

I like handhelds for the most part, but sometimes feel like they throw me off balance. Enjoy your race!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great run! I always use a handheld - the shortest runs I do are 4 miles but even for them I bring some water/nuun along.

Sara said...

Good luck on Saturday! I have never raced with a handheld... I don't like holding things at all! I just do my best to get water at the stops.

Jamie Campbell said...

good luck! that's a great pace. :) i'm still hurting... i have no idea what i'm going to do. probably hang out with the 10-10:30 pace group.

Running With Sass said...

good luck Saturday!

Julia said...

i like to use my handheld for training but not necessarily not sure why! haha!

GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! so excited for you!!