Friday, April 20, 2012

The LR where I almost poo'd myself

OK so that isn't true but I was scared out of my mind. Let's start back a few weeks ago....I posted this picture

I asked if anyone knew what is was and no one did. Thankfully Amanda, Robyn and Heather did not respond because they know exactly what it is. It is a gas company drill site out by their parents house. It by far not the only one with in a 25 mile radius of my house. This one is exactly 12 miles west of the cabin. There is another one in the other north of my house about 6miles away. So Those annoying white gas company trxuks and huge water trucks are constantly driving around the nearby roads.

Ok back to my run. I decide yesterday that based on the weather for the weekend and the fact I am going to NY to celebrate my Mom's Bday I would not get my 12miles in. So it was 76 degrees after school yesterday so I figured I would run out to Bri's parents house, which was where he was at for the evening. I knew it was risky with all the traffic and huge trucks and not brim on the road. But I love the route and it was gorgeous out.

I got going taking into account the temp and stayed in the 9min range. The first 5miles I may have been passed by 5 trucks and honk at by one. I was carrying a water bottle and planned if someone stopped I was going for their eyes. Yes, the whole time I was thinking about SUAR and Sherry.

I still do not own Mace or anything to carry while running so I planned on using the water bottle top. I had my phone on and the music off the entire time so I could hear ever vehicle. It wasn't until mile 8ish that a white gas truck passed me and came to a stop in the road. No one around and no houses either. I instantly increased my pace and grabbed the water bottle better. He leaned out his window and I screamed "WHAT?!" He said...."Excuse me do you know how to get to Water Company....."  Me " Yea keep driving 5 miles..." Well It was semi right. I did not tell him to turn right at the next bend and I did not know a bridge was out up ahead. So I think I got him lost even more but GOOD! I did not see him again. But when that truck stopped I about poo'd right then and there. But if that kept a criminal away I might have poo'd!

But I made it the whole run. Bri and I planned that he would start driving toward me so I didn't have to run the whole mile long up hill. I must have been cruising because I made it up the hill right as he got to the top. so I goot 11.7 miles in (yes just short of 12 but I am ok with that with all the hills) in 1:52 mins for a 9:35 pace.

Here are the hills!

16:4033:2050:0001:06:4001:23:2001:40:0004:0008:0012:0016:0020:0024:00Pace (min/mi)
2.557.5105006007008009001,0001,1001,200Elevation (ft)

Question: Has anyone stopped you and scared you when they stopped?

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