Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Dream Shoe….

I have never worn Asics before but while at the local running store in Rochester they had me try these on as an option for distance runs. The Kayano 18 limited Edition…also know as the $150 dollar shoes that I can not justify buying when shoes don’t last long for me…But I put them on and they felt amazing. I jumped right on the treadmill and could not stop smiling! I asked the price and lost the smile. I looked online to see if I could find a deal….nope. Limited Edition means no budge on the price. So I am still on the hunt for a shoe to replace my Brooks infinities.


Other news with the local store Fleet Feet is that when I pulled up I noticed this out front…

photo (20)                                                                         

Then we walked in and there was a sign-in and a pile of keys on a table. How come I never knew about this??? Well I may take advantage of the key drop off and water when in Rochester this summer.

photo (21)(sorry I was trying to be sneaky so it is blurry)

Do you have dream shoes that you just can’t see paying that much for?? Where do you usually buy your shoes?

I usually get my Brook’s shoes from overstock or amazon bc I have small feet and can get last year’s model for about $50 or lower.


Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Thos spare some pretty shoes, I have the kayano 18 and love them, I have ran in kayanos for years, so I am afraid to switch, they work so why mess with a good thing although they are getting pricey!

Jen said...

I really enjoy my asics - I have the mens DS racers and the fuji racer. But your dream shoes are far prettier!!! I never even thought about buying shoes on overstock. Just checked it out. Not bad! I think it's fabulous that your local running store offers water and provides a place for keys. Great idea!

fancy nancy said...

Those are some pretty shoes!! I have a hard time too spending so much on my shoes knowing in 4 months I'll need another. However....consider the benefits of happy feet!!