Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Walk For Epilepsy

Sara G, Jamie, Jessica, Me and Amanda at the start. It was freezing hence Manda and I have hot choc. and coffee and a million layers :)

Here is part or our For the Win for Epilepsy team from yesterday, Jamie, me, Jessica and Amanda

Here are more photos of the awesome experience of walking with so many others who have loved ones or have epilepsy.

SO happy to meet Jamie this weekend! Hopefully I get the chance to visit D.C. again and run this time with her!

Overall the trip with Amanda was amazing. We learned that some places for D.C. people seem really far and they take Taxi's and the Metro but once we started walking or running it wasn't so bad to get around. In total we walked or ran 14.5 miles in two days. We did one 5min taxi ride and one 7min ride on the metro. At the end of the trip neither of us had any brain cells left. We got to do everything we wanted to do while in D.C. from meeting fellow bloggers, having frozen yogurt for the first time, Georgetown cupcakes (which we were told Sprinkles is better so next trip), and finally find the Cop shop after 2miles of running being lost.

I am so happy Amanda joined me for this experience and I look forward to taking part in the walk again in the future!

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