Friday, April 27, 2012

Finish Line online deal

Welcome everyone!

I have been shopping around for new sneakers for a week or so now. Last weekend I tried on the Asics Kayano 18 limited edition.

Today I went to my local running store hoping to try out the Brooks Ravenna and try the Kayano 18 on and compare. I left even more confused because I tried on a newer version of Brook's Adrenaline. I wear the 10's which I learned does not have the new DNA thingy in the support. I like the support a lot. The Ravenna's had less support and were lighter. But I am thinking I need the support even if the pay off is a little more weight to it. I also started to really rule out the Kayano because I can't find the limited edition here in PA and they are $150.

I got home and started checking out all the shoe discount websites I knew. Soon Bri joined me when I could only find shoes as cheap as $80. He soon found the Brook's Adrenaline for $49 at Finishline. He also found me the LETSRUN613 coupon and it was $10 off!! So I went all out and bought 3 pairs for the price of one pair of the Kayano's!! Plus look at the color!!

Check that deal out everyone it was awesome :)


A Modern Hippie said...

Visiting you for the first time from Fitness Friday blog hop. I love those grey and pink brooks, Might need to find a place to try them on and then order them with the great deal you found.

getfitchick said...

I love finding deals! Hopping over from the Friday Fitness Blog Hop!