Monday, February 27, 2012


This sums up the 6.3miles I ran yesterday! (minus the rude person who honked at me when I was in the grass running and not on the road in their way!)

Now this is how I felt this morning at the gym when my body was so sore from the run and I was at the gym trying my hardest to workout!

QOTD: how do you feel the day after a hard run? 
Have you ever got a mean honk form someone while out running?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tid Bits

1. Last week my rabbit got out of her pen and I freaked out. I could not find her and thought she was well…something got her. By the time Bri got home she was in her pen again! So we tried to close up the chicken wire again but she enjoyed being free too much and broke out again. She isn’t going far at all. She is in the garage or the yard somewhere. She can’t really hide in plain sight she is bright white and we have no snow!

sb iphone pics 028

Yes I dress each pet on at least one occasion

2. I have woken up with a headache a lot lately. The reason being I am sleeping with my jaw clenched. No clue how to solve that but a bite plate and I don’t want one!

3. This is the last week of our family fitness challenge. I think overall we all kicked butt. All of us got sick at one point during the challenge so we had no days or found something else to do. I can not wait to see everyone’s results!

FF Challenge

Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivational Ladies

In the past 8 years I have gone through so much and there have been 3 ladies who have been there the whole time. These three ladies were on my mind as I ran a very tough 6miles today. It reminded me of how hard the 8 years have been and they came to mind to push and cheer me on.

Let's back it up 9 years first to see how it all started. In the fall of 2003 I was on the XC team at the university and was eager for the incoming freshman. I did not have a grande ole time in college and had awful experiences with other girls. I just flat out did not make great friends with the ladies on the team. When Robyn started her freshman year I liked her very much and we got along. I was very busy with my senior year classes with my education degree so I don't exactly remember things outside of work, school and XC competitions. During the indoor season Robyn pointed out her older brother to me at a meet. I said I want to be introduced! Well let's say Bri had eyes on other ladies (we were surrounded by girls in spanks and I was RACEWALKING!). So no reason I didn't stand out. Though in the spring our team traveled to Flordia/Disney to race. I begged I believe to spend the day in Disney with Robyn because her family had come to see her race and Bri was with them. PERFECT! So to sum this all up Robyn introduced me to the best man ever!

 In  December of 2004 I graduated from undergrad school at Mansfield University in PA. I spent the spring subbing and applying to every school I could find an address too. After lots of thinking I decided I needed to go to grad school ASAP. One weekend I was in PA visiting Bri his oldest sister Heather approached me and let me know she was moving back to Williamsport and if I wanted I could move in to her apartment with her while I go to school. At that point I had been applying to grad schools without my parents knowing. I had been accepted to Bloomsburg University about 40mins from Williamsport. I was thrilled that everything was coming together.

Sidenote: I was not telling my parents because I have been tightly attached by the cord for 22 years. I did go to college in PA but always had plans to move back to NY. This plan I was making had no long term view of moving back to NY. I was only going to take the PA test for my degree. I gave my parents a 2weeks notice that I was moving out, I had an apartment, I was accepted to grad school and I got a summer job down there.

I moved down there around May 2005. I moved in with Heather and once again started experiencing all the same things I went through in college. I stink living and dealing with other women. I have major communication issues and just no patience. I just did not know how to talk with people I jsut snapped and snapped. I was the worst roommate. After a few years we moved into a townhouse with Amanda. After a few months I moved out and got my own apartment.

Looking back now and ALL the huge things that went down I would not be where I am without any of those ladies. Robyn was there to get my PA journey started. Heather allowed me to live with her for CHEAP! She also dealt with a 23yr old huge baby. Amanda has been my best friend and always easy to turn to talk about anything. But what they all have in common that they all learned from their amazing parents in their honesty. They always have explained to me that I have a lot of growing to do. I am still learning that. Can I notice now when it is time to talk or walk away and not say anything. Yea but not always but they are always there to run with me to talk it out. Or they know if I am too quiet because I am trying not to get worked up about something.

To my amazing family.....I love you for helping me everyday become a better person. You were in my thoughts up every hill today and I thank you very teaching me everyday.

QOTD: Who would you say has made a huge impact in your life lately? Did they impact your running, school, or life in general?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Playing fetch

So far this holiday weekend I have accomplished a few things. I sent in my info for my passport (going on a girls cruise in June!!) and I have learned that my kitten can play fetch :) Want to see??

Ok so little info first you have to keep watching because she had to go all the way downstairs I guess to retrieve the ball (aka a klondike wrapper).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tid bits

First off I have stepped back my workouts this week. I was doing double workouts for the past two weeks and this week I have been dragging. I had a great time in the gym and a good run so far this week. Tonight I wanted to run But we got hit by a very slushy mess.

I was so not enjoying the slush that I was in pjs by 4pm and my nose has been buried in the final book of hunger games all evening.

I might still do some thing but for the moment I am having fun playing fetch with my cat! She loves wrappers so I throw it but now she is bringing it back to me. So cute!

Qotd: Burnt out lately? Is the winter weather pushing you inside more than you like?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A money winning Vday

So I went all out this Valentine’s for Bri. I searched ideas from Pinterest and found this idea.

photo (19)

It was fun to make and I shopped for a few days finding the perfect candy!

To make it even more fun for Bri I bought A LOT of lottery tickets and he found them around the house through out the day. I put some with the poster, in the fridge by the milk, on his pillow ( he works nights sleeps all day), then by his plate at dinner and in his car when he left for work tonightSmile So far he has won $29!


He did very well this year for me! I found very nice long under wear (hunting gear) that I have been watching to go on sale. They are even pink! He also got me the new Twilight movie, dark chocolate mint cups, and a big bag of skittles.

Another successful Vday…now it is time to spend time with Tony D and gibbs on NCIS.


Also I had a great run this afternoon where I finally saw a 7:58 mile split on the last mile of my 3mile run! Open-mouthed smile

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend recap

My weekend started off with my run for sherry on Saturday morning and it went well. Short but good.
Then my mom and I hit the mall and did other errands. My dad has Celiac so my mom doesn't get to go to any of her favorite restaurants very much so I took her and my sister to lunch at Olive Garden. I tried something new (out of character for me). It was the Grilled Chicken Alfredo Flatbread from the appetizers.

Well as I said on Twitter I hit up the show Skippy Jon Jones with my nephew (niece had the stomach flu) and my sisters and my mom.

 It was so cute. There were only 5 cast members and they played more than one part the whole time. They all played both guy and girl parts as well. When I asked Henry what he loved the most he said " My favorite......dancing!" I went into the show thinking it was just a play but it was a MUSICAL! I LOVED it!! Helps that I love Skippy Jon Jones too! I did drive 2.5hours to see it :)

Afterwards we hit up Coolies a cute little sandwich place. Basically a smaller version of Panera Bread. Henry decided to show off all of his faces he can make.

Sunday morning I hit the road quick because we were getting hit by more snow. Lake effect snow is nothing to mess around with. We had already got 2-3 inches Friday-Saturday and it was coming fast off the lake again. I had to travel down this road for over an hour at 35-40 miles per hour when I usually go around 60. It took 45mins longer to get home Ugh.

QOTD: Have you been to a kids play/musical and loved it?? I have been to way too many to count!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Run for Sherry

Headed out this morning at my parents here in Rochester NY. We had a nice new layer of snow and it was still snowing. I ran on the trails around my parents house to take in the scenery and keep sherry in my mind and heart.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A little behind!

Well I had every intentions of posting my tid bits yesterday but I just couldn't sit still long enough to type anything out. So I will talk about my crazy day!

1. I slept in yesterday morning and loved every little minuted I got! Though I was still at work 40mins early so I could be sleeping more.

2. It was a planned no run day but it was beautiful out! So instead I did some "errands" after school and parked far away at each store. (I cannot wait to show off my vday gift to Bri that I am working on! I stole the idea from Pinterest and have seen it used for all types of holidays.) Hint: I had to go to a drug store, grocery store and a gas station to get the supplies. I still need to visit more gas stations and walmart!

3. Bri and I went on a double date last night with his friends who just moved back from Philly. We went to see the new movie Chronical. It was REALLY good but you have to enjoy the hand held camera views to enjoy it. It was similar to watching Blair witch a little to how they filmed it.

4. I got home last night to an uncover cop in my driveway. It scared me to have a strange car in the country sitting in my driveway. Lets just say it was an excuse not to get out and get the mail. Well he informed me that a few of my neighbors had complained about the intersection, that is crazy and a hard left turn. So he used our driveway to watch and try to bust rolling stoppers and speeders.

5. Last night I did Wii Zumba.....I did intermediate and it came up to be easy for me on my score Whoohoo! I also made it to the gym at 5:30am today! I got 90mins in so I can drive right home to my parents to see my niece and nephew.

QOTD: See any new movies lately? If so what?

Anyone buying the Twilight movie this weekend??? If I don't get it Bri better for VDAY!!!! LOL

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Forgetful Wednesday

Welcome it is now a national day! Forgetful Wednesday! I forgot 5 things before 8am. I went to the gym and 1. Forgot my water in the car. Had a great lifting morning (after my belly decided to cooperate). I got my free weights and abs all in! Then headed into the shower, I promise I won't get TMI here. So 2. I left my undies and bra sitting in the shower. Then 3. I forgot the belt to go with my sweater. 4. Left my Mary Kay lotion sitting on the sink. So after all of this I decided to check in with Bri just to make sure I didn't forget to do anything at home. 5. Well I usually chat with him while he is at work and yup I forgot to last night. He was bummed.

So hopefully I can get through the day without forgetting anything else because I am at the Interactive Whiteboard training that the Superintendent attends. Now that would be embarrassing...though I am sure he hasn't noticed my belt missing. How Rude!

QOTD: Have you forgotten anything lately?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fitness Challenge week 2

If you are new here I have been doing a Family Fitness Challenge for 5 weeks.
FF Challenge

We are all trying to increase or add veggies and fruit to our diet and workout daily. I am glad to say I have been doing 4-5 servings a day and only took one rest day last week with even being sick! I totaled 501 points for my team!!! This week my goal is 5-6 servings and workout at least 15mins a day no rest day. So on Saturday I have to at least walk to the mailbox for the mail! I also want to do a 5+ mile run this week since I hit 5miles last week. I def. think it is a goal within reach :)

QOTD: How are you doing on your goals? What is your goal for this week?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Are You Cheering For?

GIANTS!!! All they way baby! Did I actually watch many games this year? No! I live in PA so I have been watching Steelers games but we all know how that ended. I was happy to see my NY team do so well the last few weeks though. I grew up cheering for Buffalo and NY.

I was excited when I heard about the super bowl challenge! Samantha at Running and Cupcakes and Michele at NYC Running Mama are making the super bowl a little interesting. I just hope that Giants win or don’t lose by a huge amount of points! Go check out the challenge!!

Bri and I had a simple dinner of peperoni pinwheels (croissant rolls stuffed with pep and cheese) and now I sit and watch the game with the cats with a bag of tortilla chips (Bri works tonight). I will keep him updated!!

Update on my workouts. Friday was a great day. Manda and I made it to the gym in the AM then after school we all met like usual for our family run. We did 3.7 then took Ella out for a “run”. I didn’t realize how far they were taking her so I jogged to catch up. By the time I caught up she was no longer in the Bob stroller and was running down the road. She got in quite the workout!! Our total was 4.5 and 61mins when we add it all up. Saturday I woke up with a very tight left quad. I am still feeling very sick so I grabbed my book for the week (Hunger Games) and hit the couch. I read 3/4ths of it by 1am. Now we did go shopping and to dinner in there but when we were home I have the book in hand. This morning I grabbed the book and finished it off then grabbed the second one a dove in. I even got on the treadmill with it and did a VERY easy 2miles in 21mins. Yea the quad was very tight when I started and I was not feeling like pushing it at all. I did some yoga afterwards.

Now I have to get going I am missing way to many awesome commercials!

QOTD: Do you watch the super bowl for the commercials and half time?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

11 randoms

I was tagged by MCM Mama to complete the 11 randoms that have been going around the blogger world lately.

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

So here we go!

1. I was the shortest person in my class for years. I was always the last one in when we lined up for class pictures.

2. I was also the 3rd youngest in my class with a September birthday.

3. I went to band camp and played the flute years before American Pie came out.

4. I wanted a perm when I was six and my mom said I could get a home response “But I want to wear it to school!” That story get’s a good laugh every time my family shares it.

5. My sister broke my nose with a hockey stick while sledding.

6.  I share my birthday with a cousin, second cousin, great aunt and uncle.

7. I have 5 cats at the moment spread out in 3 houses.

8. I am majorly addicted to Diet Soda. I will drink either coke or pepsi but if I ha the choice it would be pepsi.

9. I have to sleep on my stomach when I fall asleep but I always wake up on my back.

10. My hair has been blonde, brown, red, bleached, perm and straight.

11. I said the moment I met Bri that I was going to be with him!

The questions

1. Do you sleep with a lovey? If so, what? I sleep with my cats laying on my chest.
2. Where’s your favorite place to go on vacation? I love the Adirondacks

3. Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, where did you go? Never been but really want to!
4. What’s your favorite day of the week? Friday! I have less lessons and breaks from team meetings
5. Is there a vegetable that you absolutely refuse to eat? onions
6. How close to where you were born do you live? I live 2hours and 15mins away from home.
7. How many states have you lived in? I have lived in NY and PA
8. Favorite snack? Chocolate any chocolate but I love dark chocolate lately
9. Favorite non-running related blog? Honestly I only follow mostly running bogs
10. Are you addicted to pinterest? (find me there if you are LOL) I don’t get too crazy with it I look at it once in awhile.
11. What’s your favorite room in your current house? Living room with the wood stove and awesome couch.

My questions

1. Cat or dog? If neither than what?

2. Grease or sugar post race?

3. Silver or gold jewelry?

4. Boot cut, skinny, or straight leg jeans?

5. If you were on the show which trainer Dolvet or Bob?

6. Do you use Daily mile or something else?

7. Venison or beef or both?

8. Garmin or normal watch?

9.  US made or foreign made car?

10. Home grown produce or buy at the store?

11. Blogger you want to meet?

Those I tag!! If you have already done it sorry.

1. Heather Endless Jubilee

2. Amanda Running Runs in the Family

3.  Jamie One step at a time

4. Marisa Pace of my life

5. Cortney A so called runner

6. Fancy Nancy

7.  Sarah Running to keep up with a toddler

That is all I am going to tag! Have fun!

Tid Bits

1. I am still sick but I have been going to work. I slept majority of Tuesday when I was home but I am still dragging. I came to school yesterday with a voice but after talking for a bit I got the dry throat and coughing bad. So I tried to find lessons where I did an intro then let them work independently. Not an easy task with 1st graders.

2. Am I stubborn asked Fancy Nancy? YES I AM. Even though I was not fully recovered I went to the gym yesterday morning (even though I was late) and I went for a run in the afternoon. It was 58 degrees out I was not missing it. I ran 3.3miles then hiked around our property for 15mins!!
I got some good hill work in. Of course my breathing was great outside but once I go inside it stunk.

3. It took over an hour to find a place to sleep last night where I could breath without coughing. The final place was in my bed. I started there moved to the couch, then the recliner then back to the bed after taking meds. I really did not want to take any meds!

QOTD: Do you take meds when you are sick to help you sleep or do you fight it out?