Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Forgetful Wednesday

Welcome it is now a national day! Forgetful Wednesday! I forgot 5 things before 8am. I went to the gym and 1. Forgot my water in the car. Had a great lifting morning (after my belly decided to cooperate). I got my free weights and abs all in! Then headed into the shower, I promise I won't get TMI here. So 2. I left my undies and bra sitting in the shower. Then 3. I forgot the belt to go with my sweater. 4. Left my Mary Kay lotion sitting on the sink. So after all of this I decided to check in with Bri just to make sure I didn't forget to do anything at home. 5. Well I usually chat with him while he is at work and yup I forgot to last night. He was bummed.

So hopefully I can get through the day without forgetting anything else because I am at the Interactive Whiteboard training that the Superintendent attends. Now that would be embarrassing...though I am sure he hasn't noticed my belt missing. How Rude!

QOTD: Have you forgotten anything lately?


fancy nancy said...

Oh I have those days where I leave my brain laying in bed! Good luck with the rude he is!

Julia said...

haha. today i was convinced i forgot my water and then realized it was in my hand the entire of those days ;)

Jamie said...

all the time sista! allll the time.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Um, yep - we all have those kind of days!