Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tid Bits

1. I am still sick but I have been going to work. I slept majority of Tuesday when I was home but I am still dragging. I came to school yesterday with a voice but after talking for a bit I got the dry throat and coughing bad. So I tried to find lessons where I did an intro then let them work independently. Not an easy task with 1st graders.

2. Am I stubborn asked Fancy Nancy? YES I AM. Even though I was not fully recovered I went to the gym yesterday morning (even though I was late) and I went for a run in the afternoon. It was 58 degrees out I was not missing it. I ran 3.3miles then hiked around our property for 15mins!!
I got some good hill work in. Of course my breathing was great outside but once I go inside it stunk.

3. It took over an hour to find a place to sleep last night where I could breath without coughing. The final place was in my bed. I started there moved to the couch, then the recliner then back to the bed after taking meds. I really did not want to take any meds!

QOTD: Do you take meds when you are sick to help you sleep or do you fight it out?

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