Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend recap

My weekend started off with my run for sherry on Saturday morning and it went well. Short but good.
Then my mom and I hit the mall and did other errands. My dad has Celiac so my mom doesn't get to go to any of her favorite restaurants very much so I took her and my sister to lunch at Olive Garden. I tried something new (out of character for me). It was the Grilled Chicken Alfredo Flatbread from the appetizers.

Well as I said on Twitter I hit up the show Skippy Jon Jones with my nephew (niece had the stomach flu) and my sisters and my mom.

 It was so cute. There were only 5 cast members and they played more than one part the whole time. They all played both guy and girl parts as well. When I asked Henry what he loved the most he said " My favorite......dancing!" I went into the show thinking it was just a play but it was a MUSICAL! I LOVED it!! Helps that I love Skippy Jon Jones too! I did drive 2.5hours to see it :)

Afterwards we hit up Coolies a cute little sandwich place. Basically a smaller version of Panera Bread. Henry decided to show off all of his faces he can make.

Sunday morning I hit the road quick because we were getting hit by more snow. Lake effect snow is nothing to mess around with. We had already got 2-3 inches Friday-Saturday and it was coming fast off the lake again. I had to travel down this road for over an hour at 35-40 miles per hour when I usually go around 60. It took 45mins longer to get home Ugh.

QOTD: Have you been to a kids play/musical and loved it?? I have been to way too many to count!

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