Friday, February 10, 2012

A little behind!

Well I had every intentions of posting my tid bits yesterday but I just couldn't sit still long enough to type anything out. So I will talk about my crazy day!

1. I slept in yesterday morning and loved every little minuted I got! Though I was still at work 40mins early so I could be sleeping more.

2. It was a planned no run day but it was beautiful out! So instead I did some "errands" after school and parked far away at each store. (I cannot wait to show off my vday gift to Bri that I am working on! I stole the idea from Pinterest and have seen it used for all types of holidays.) Hint: I had to go to a drug store, grocery store and a gas station to get the supplies. I still need to visit more gas stations and walmart!

3. Bri and I went on a double date last night with his friends who just moved back from Philly. We went to see the new movie Chronical. It was REALLY good but you have to enjoy the hand held camera views to enjoy it. It was similar to watching Blair witch a little to how they filmed it.

4. I got home last night to an uncover cop in my driveway. It scared me to have a strange car in the country sitting in my driveway. Lets just say it was an excuse not to get out and get the mail. Well he informed me that a few of my neighbors had complained about the intersection, that is crazy and a hard left turn. So he used our driveway to watch and try to bust rolling stoppers and speeders.

5. Last night I did Wii Zumba.....I did intermediate and it came up to be easy for me on my score Whoohoo! I also made it to the gym at 5:30am today! I got 90mins in so I can drive right home to my parents to see my niece and nephew.

QOTD: See any new movies lately? If so what?

Anyone buying the Twilight movie this weekend??? If I don't get it Bri better for VDAY!!!! LOL

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