Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tid bits

First off I have stepped back my workouts this week. I was doing double workouts for the past two weeks and this week I have been dragging. I had a great time in the gym and a good run so far this week. Tonight I wanted to run But we got hit by a very slushy mess.

I was so not enjoying the slush that I was in pjs by 4pm and my nose has been buried in the final book of hunger games all evening.

I might still do some thing but for the moment I am having fun playing fetch with my cat! She loves wrappers so I throw it but now she is bringing it back to me. So cute!

Qotd: Burnt out lately? Is the winter weather pushing you inside more than you like?

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Becky at Prairie Runner said...

The MN winter has been good to me! I have only had to do two TM workouts all winter long! Loving this!