Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Are You Cheering For?

GIANTS!!! All they way baby! Did I actually watch many games this year? No! I live in PA so I have been watching Steelers games but we all know how that ended. I was happy to see my NY team do so well the last few weeks though. I grew up cheering for Buffalo and NY.

I was excited when I heard about the super bowl challenge! Samantha at Running and Cupcakes and Michele at NYC Running Mama are making the super bowl a little interesting. I just hope that Giants win or don’t lose by a huge amount of points! Go check out the challenge!!

Bri and I had a simple dinner of peperoni pinwheels (croissant rolls stuffed with pep and cheese) and now I sit and watch the game with the cats with a bag of tortilla chips (Bri works tonight). I will keep him updated!!

Update on my workouts. Friday was a great day. Manda and I made it to the gym in the AM then after school we all met like usual for our family run. We did 3.7 then took Ella out for a “run”. I didn’t realize how far they were taking her so I jogged to catch up. By the time I caught up she was no longer in the Bob stroller and was running down the road. She got in quite the workout!! Our total was 4.5 and 61mins when we add it all up. Saturday I woke up with a very tight left quad. I am still feeling very sick so I grabbed my book for the week (Hunger Games) and hit the couch. I read 3/4ths of it by 1am. Now we did go shopping and to dinner in there but when we were home I have the book in hand. This morning I grabbed the book and finished it off then grabbed the second one a dove in. I even got on the treadmill with it and did a VERY easy 2miles in 21mins. Yea the quad was very tight when I started and I was not feeling like pushing it at all. I did some yoga afterwards.

Now I have to get going I am missing way to many awesome commercials!

QOTD: Do you watch the super bowl for the commercials and half time?

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