Thursday, March 29, 2012

Run in picture

Test for the day...can you guess what this is?

Yesterday I went on a nice 3mile run after school. I was dumb and did not pack enough close for the weather. When I left for work it was freezing out and predicted to storm. So I grabbed tights and long sleeve. Plus a short sleeve and a jacket. Well by 3:30 it was warm enough for capris. I was HOT with my short sleeve and tights. 

Here are a few pictures from my run around the park.

Still looking for ideas for places to eat in DC.....last day of work for the week!!! Oh yea also only 43 more days of the school year :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Days and Counting!

On Friday mid morning(ish) Manda and I are heading to DC for the National Walk for Epilepsy. This has been months in the making! Actually last year I found out about this walk about a month too late. So I had said I really wanted to do it this year. I got on the chat page and found others in the area and others who have running/epilepsy blogs to hook up with. After a month or so I got hooked up with Jamie. We decided to make a team together! As a team we raised $1,315!

So far I have plans to the the following things while in DC.
-Georgetown Cupcakes!
-Crime and Punishment Cop shop and maybe the museum
- Some type of frozen yogurt place
-run around DC like all the other tons of bloggers I follow!
-find a cool place to eat dinner/lunch :)

I am soooooo excited to have my first blogger met up!!

Any food suggestions??? We are staying in Georgetown but willing to run/walk anywhere!

Monday, March 26, 2012

National purple day!

Did you wear purple today? March 26th is national purple day to raise awareness about epilepsy. I honestly completely forgot when I packed my gym bag but as soon as I got home I found my purple shirt! I can not wait to be in DC on Friday to help raise awareness even more!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family weekend

This weekend I head home to celebrate my sister's 32nd bday! while we hung out Sat. We played around with my phone.

My nephew decided to help out with the breadsticks for dinner...he loves to cook!

Once dinner and cupcakes were done I kidnapped my BIL to go to Hunger Games. I was sick Friday so I was unable to drive home and go with my Sis for her Bday. Let's just say.....AMAZING! I have never gone to Potter or Twilight on the first weekend of release so I never experienced the packed theater and the clapping and cheering. It was great and funny. Here I am with a soon to be 40yr old and I am soon to be 30 and we are surrounded by teenagers and a few of their parents. It was AWESOME! No my BIL has not read the books or know anything about the books SHAME ON HIM! He is an admin at a school he should know better. Don't worry I teased him good!

QOTD: Do you read the books prior to seeing the movies? If so do you reread the books per and post the movie? I plan on rereading the book soon but I am very into the third girl with the dragon tattoo right now.

Maple syrup Sunday

Today was Maple Syrup Sunday all over the area. I was home in NY (thankfully my stomach bug passed and I could go home). I joined my sister and the kids to check out a local maple syrup farm. They also have around 10 Alpacas. By the way, they may look cool from far away but they have major under bites and their teeth stick out big time. Such a turn off! Anywho...
We visited Trout Brook Sugarhouse and they we're very informative.
This is where they steam the sap. They said it takes around 4-50 gallons of sap to get on gallon of syrup....WOW!
I decided to try out the medium amber syrup and these awesome Oatmeal Pancakes! The kids tried these out at the Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast this AM. I on the other hand am scared to try new things so I stole a few bites from my mom's plate while I ate a regular pancake. My nephew and Neice enjoying their pancakes. One went home wearing Hot cocoa and one is guilty of whipping HIS mouth on the white sweatshirt I was wearing!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rough week

School....Last Friday I got news about staffing changes within my school building. I was not moved though staff that affects me was moved. I have cried several times since we found out because I am scared out of my mind about next year. We will be short on staff.....not a good thing when we have so many struggling readers. Those of us left are going to RALLY and stick together to do the best we can do for the kids!

Running....well I did not do a race report...hmm...Well it was awesome and I felt great. With all of the staff changes going through my head I was ready to run as hard as I could. I knew I was third women by the half mile point ...well I had two little girls in front of me (16 and 10). I caught up to the 10yr old shortly after the mile mark and realized she was the little sister of a girl I coached XC to. I couldn't pass her no matter what. She was too cute and was trying so hard. SO what did I do...I talked to her all the way to the finish line. I told her when to kick and that no matter what she was to beat me. She did awesome!! She kept thanking me until I left. Could I have passed her? Maybe. Beat her? Maybe. Did I want to? No. My coaching came over me and need to be there for the kids. All she wanted was to beat her older brother and she did right at the finish line (Oh and I out kicked him too!). I also learned that I did not lose my speed while I was down and out with the stress fracture :)

I am still reading all the race reports from DC because I have been so busy lately. It is way too nice to be sitting inside (sorry everyone). But it is March in PA and it is going to be 80 degrees today!!! I need some sun badly! I look like a ghost!

Have you every caught up to a young kid in a race and just wanted to help them? Ever felt bad about out kicking them??

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things I missed

After I posted my Irish decorations I realized I missed everything in my bedroom and a few things in shelves.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Conquered my fears

Place 3rd overall female
1st in age group (a 16 and 10yr old beat me)
Time 23:18 pace 7:30!!
Great way to start the season :)
Everyone who raced today did awesome. Great job Hey Hey, Robyn, dud and Adam!!

Check out me and Hey Hey with our green! Even Ella was decked out!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fears

What am I scared about? Well I haven't shared this yet but I am racing tomorrow. My first race since my injury in October. I have no clue how it is going to go or if I should even try to "race" it at all. It is only a very flat 5k that always gets the best of me. Last year this race was all wind and the wind won. So I just want to go and have fun. I have an awesome St. Patty's day outfit planned and can't wait to be the lone crazy person yet again all dressed up!!! 

Anyone else racing? Wearing an outfit?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish decorations

Here are just a few of my Irish decorations that are up ALL YEAR ROUND! I love Irish things :)

Shirt one for the week!

What is your favorite holiday or things to have up in your house?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

State Assessment time

Statement for the kids out there taking state assessments in the next month!

Good Work is Hard Work / Friends of Type #type #typography #font

Two more days of test here!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mean Dog

see this......

now picture this growling and chasing you down the street. I stopped so the 10yr old could catch it and the dog actually touched my leg while growling. It did not bite but it did scare the shit out of me. I usually run to the other side of the road but couldn't because there were cars everywhere. SO the kid was holding it as best as he could as I took off back toward my house. I only got to do 2.5miles in 72degree weather because a stupid (dog I really wanted to have someday) dog chased me. I have NEVER seen that dog before and the dogs at that house are always hooked up. SO on that was beautiful out and I am glad to see spring in the air.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Awesome run where I was naked!

Yes I left my house planning to run 10miles and I did not have my garmin or my arm band for my iphone. So I solved the problem by using imapmyrun app and jsut playing my music without headphones. Here are my splits.

I stopped at the beginning of the 6th mile for a potty break at Planet fitness so I am assuming I had a rough time getting back on pace and I had a few places I had to stop at for traffic. Either that or I was dead for a bit. I took pics of my run as well. 

There is a pic of where we were hit by the flood, the all of a sudden end of the trail where I had to off road it and my chocolate milk to refuel!!

Lesson learned: It is very hard to run a long run then go grocery shopping and NOT buy food that was NOT on the list!

But I am very happy to say that this is the first official long run of my not training "training". :)