Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Tid Bits

Only a few things to share today and I am exhausted sharing them!!

1. I had an amazing run last night! It was 62 degrees out and for some reason I still packed tights and a long sleeve. I had the long sleeve rolled up after one mile. I ran 5miles with 3 mile repeats in the middle. The warm up was 9:04, the next 3miles were 8:13, 8: 09, then a crazy 7:39 while swerving on and off the sidewalk!! (My knee is feeling it today) Feels so good to have some speed and distance back :)

2. Our flights are booked for our cruise and the cruise itself is paid for!!! So exciting! Now we need to figure out the excursions we are doing. I totally am all over the dolphins and parasailing :)

3. Amanda and I are figuring out when we are leaving for DC for the National Epilepsy Walk. I need to think if I want to bother going to school that day no matter when we leave!! I have a personal day I have to use so I might just take it!

QOTD: How is the weather where you are at? Does it stay nice long or is it nice for a day and then back to cold? Been on a cruise? Any excursion suggestions for Bahamas?

1 comment:

Jamie said...

holy moly that's fast! dang girl! lol.

Let me know if you get here early, I can always meet you! :) Can't wait!