Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rough week

School....Last Friday I got news about staffing changes within my school building. I was not moved though staff that affects me was moved. I have cried several times since we found out because I am scared out of my mind about next year. We will be short on staff.....not a good thing when we have so many struggling readers. Those of us left are going to RALLY and stick together to do the best we can do for the kids!

Running....well I did not do a race report...hmm...Well it was awesome and I felt great. With all of the staff changes going through my head I was ready to run as hard as I could. I knew I was third women by the half mile point ...well I had two little girls in front of me (16 and 10). I caught up to the 10yr old shortly after the mile mark and realized she was the little sister of a girl I coached XC to. I couldn't pass her no matter what. She was too cute and was trying so hard. SO what did I do...I talked to her all the way to the finish line. I told her when to kick and that no matter what she was to beat me. She did awesome!! She kept thanking me until I left. Could I have passed her? Maybe. Beat her? Maybe. Did I want to? No. My coaching came over me and need to be there for the kids. All she wanted was to beat her older brother and she did right at the finish line (Oh and I out kicked him too!). I also learned that I did not lose my speed while I was down and out with the stress fracture :)

I am still reading all the race reports from DC because I have been so busy lately. It is way too nice to be sitting inside (sorry everyone). But it is March in PA and it is going to be 80 degrees today!!! I need some sun badly! I look like a ghost!

Have you every caught up to a young kid in a race and just wanted to help them? Ever felt bad about out kicking them??


fancy nancy said...

My school has seen waves of support that are only taken out just a few years later. The focus just needs to be on the students and helping them matter what is going on!!

Running Moose said...

Sorry about the staffing changes- we've been going through them, too. It's nice having job/ position even if it's with an old, expired contract!
As for not passing? AWESOME! I had a similar experience in a 5k last year. I caught up to a 13 y/o with about a mile left and I could not pass him! I had no idea who he was, but I talked him through the finish, too!! It was an awesome experience!!